First Look: TAG Heuer Carrera Heuer-01 Red Bull Edition (Ref. CAR2A1K, CAR2A1N)

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With the first Grand Prix of the season kicking off only a couple of days after the opening of Baselworld 2017, TAG Heuer took the opportunity to launch the new Carrera Heuer-01 Drive Timer Red Bull Racing Edition in Melbourne. This is the second Red Bull edition watch, following last year’s successful Formula 1 chronograph.

There are two models in the 2017 range, although at first glance they appear to be the same- but there are a couple of small differences, the most obvious being size: You can have large (43mm) or extra large (45mm) on either a newly designed leather strap, or the H-Link stainless steel bracelet. Note that the live shots use in this post are all of the 45mm model, CAR2A1N.

TAG Heuer Carrera CAR2A1N

Red Bull TAG Heuer RB13

2017 is the second year of the TAG Heuer partnership with Red Bull Racing, with the cars officially known as “Red Bull-TAG Heuer”. The engines are made by Renault- which may be confusing for non-F1 fans who spot the Aston Martin badge on the nose- but with TAG Heuer taking over the naming rights, just as TAG did for the Porsche engines that powered McLaren in the mid-1980s.

While you’ll get furious debate on which of the two Red Bull drivers is the best (the correct answer being the Honey Badger), there is no doubt that Red Bull has the strongest driver combination with Ricciardo and Verstappen

With Adrian Newey back designing the 2017 car, Red Bull are expected to be back towards the front of the field- we’ll know how close in a couple of days.


The key difference between the Red Bull Edition and the standard Heuer-01 is the Skeleton dial- lets call it a “semi-skeleton”. There are several “semi-skeleton” Heuer-01 models coming this year, all of which are branded “Drive Timer” and featured the double numeral minute counters

Red Bull Carrera Heuer-01 Drive Timer- 43mm CAR2A1K

The smaller of the two Carreras is made from stainless steel- and while from head-on it looks the same as its larger brother, when you view the two side on you’ll notice an obvious differences, as the 45mm mid-case is made from titanium and coated in black titanium carbide.

Another small give away is the chrono. pushers are all-steel, while on the 45mm, they have a black base.


Red Bull Carrera Heuer-01 Drive Timer- 45mm CAR2A1N

As noted above, the 45mm Red Bull has a two-tone case- apart from size, that’s the only real difference.

TAG Heuer Carrera Red Bull CAR2A1N 45mm

TAG Heuer Carrera Red Bull CAR2A1N 45mm


The caseback is nicely decorated, with a smoked sapphire crystal caseback- and we like that the only place you’ll see the Red Bull Racing logo in on the back of the watch.

On the Wrist

TAG Heuer Carrera Heuer-01 Red Bull Racing Edition

TAG Heuer Carrera Heuer-01 Red Bull Racing Edition

2017 TAG Heuer Carrera Red Bull Racing

2017 TAG Heuer Carrera Red Bull Racing

2017 TAG Heuer Carrera Red Bull Racing

Price and Availability- 2017 Carrera Red Bull Edition

No details on pricing as yet, but we’ll update the post as more information becomes available.


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