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The Calibre 11 Story

In 1969, Launch of the Chronomatic, the Calibre 11 with a microrotor. It is the worldís first automatic chronograph movement. Three series are equipped simultaneously with this movement: Autavia, Carrera and the Monaco, the worldís first automatic chronograph with a square, water-resistant case.Calibre 11 is the name of the famous movement that Heuer developed with its partners in the late 1960’s- the first automatic chronograph movement which Heuer called “Chronomatic”. From its introduction in 1969, the Calibre 11- and its successor movements the Calibres 12, 14 and 15- powered the most innovative range of Heuer Chronographs in the company’s proud history.

Modern TAG Heuers draw their inspiration directly from this famous line of watches.



  • Teng Seng Kee

    i love it and hope to have one, is a very accurate watch cos most of my friends are using it

  • Danny Chase

    That is a beautiful watch … Would look great on me 🙂

  • LOVE Tag. Was given one a couple of years back and got stolen at the Golf Club. Heartbreaking!

  • Oscar Miranda Villa

    De Mexzico, siempre quise tener un reloj Tag Heuer y se me hizo hace dos años. compre un Carrera, color vino todo hasta el reloj, pero al mes me asaltaron y me lo robaron, ahora esto juntando para comprarme otro y cuidarlo mas, existe algun seguro en conra de descomposturas o robo conustedes?, saludos

    Oscar Miranda Villa

  • Jerome

    I would love to have a TAG HEUER watch!.

  • george amoroso

    First, Love the page… I have a 2004 ish Monaco CW2113-0 .I have a few questions.
    First ,what are the bottom numbers mean, CQ3315?
    Second, over the last decade I've worn out the band when I ordered the new one from Tag they recommended a tune and check up.
    Third, when I shake her she makes a funny sound, normal?
    Finally, I love this page.. love that there are others who love these watches … think I wrote "love " enough?

  • Ted Ridings

    Hello, all. I'm a clock and TAG collector, but I'm also blind; odd combo indeed. I started collecting before I lost my sight 10 years ago. My lovely wife of 26 years are my eyes for choosing the timepieces I collect and she surprised me with a Carrera I've never seen before. My watch guy who I deal with sent it to TAG to have it verified and serviced. It was returned with all paperwork as well as the C.O.S.C. Certification. She found it at a very small jeweler who took it in trade for a bunch of cash as well for a Rolex that the man's wife insisted he should have instead of an 18K Gold TAG. It has a leather strap with a gold buckle, but the unique thing is the back case contains hallmarks and also Jack Heuer's signature. Any info would be welcomed and I'd love to post some photos of it, face and back. I'm unsure of how I can do this. I use Dragon Dictation to compose and convert to vocalization. I believe I have a login for this site, but am unsure where I would have my wife help me sign in. I sent a post to the info email with pictures, but not sure if they would show up here. My email is gobukeyez@gmail.com.
    Thanks in advance,
    Ted Ridings

  • CR125Honda

    Hi, I have a TAG 2000 series that been sitting in my dresser for a few years waiting for a new set of springbars. It’s an early model WK1112 I believe. Can someone help with this? Thanks, Ken

  • Steve

    Hello all. What is the
    difference between the Tag Aquaracer CAF2010.BA0815 and the CAF2010.BA0821? Thanks….Steve

    • calibre11

      Steve, its the same watch with slightly different bracelets. I believe that BA0815 has polished centre links while BA0821 links are all brushed. Best to confirm that with a TAG Heuer dealer.

  • rudeboy69

    had 1 a few years back but got nicked at work grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr and it wasnt insured!

  • creamm157

    I recently acquired a Heuer Solunar what is it worth and is there any manuals for this watch out there??

    • calibre11

      Depends on the era- the 1970s ones in excellent condition seem to be in the EUR2500 zone- max. Earlier model is worth more, but very rare.

      Sorry- don’t know where to find the manual

  • Lida Sansores

    Hi i own a tag heur with serial Number 374.513 i Want to buy a new strap The watch is probably from The 90’s…were can i buy it or need to know The milimeters of The model.thanks

  • CamMitch

    How can you verify how old a tag is? My model number is wk1311 and serial 5392

    • calibre11

      You can’t tell from the serial number, but your watch is a ladies 2000 quartz. The model is from the late 1990s/ early 2000s, but I can’t give you a more specific date. Check out the catalogs here: https://www.calibre11.com/tag-heuer-catalogues/

  • CamMitch

    serial kl5392

  • EstebanRC

    Hey Calibre11 I’m interested on buying a Tag Heuer Link watch, and I’m considering to buy the Link Calibre 5 Day-Date Automatic LUCERNE LIMITED EDITION.
    I would like to know your review/comments about it..
    Is there an important diference between the ordinary one?
    Was it a “good” special edition? What does LUCERNE mean? This edition is in honor to what/who?
    I’ll apreciate your help a lot!

    • calibre11

      Hi there. Lucerne is a city in Switzerland and one of several “Swiss Limited Editions” that TAG Heuer has produced. Apart from the dial, there is no difference to the standard Calibre 5.

      Hope this helps!

  • Doug

    Hello there, hoping you can help. Is there a Carrera Grand Caliber 36 with XX007344 on the case. Have an opportunity to buy but seems like I could be getting fooled. I have a pair of Professional 1500 and 2000’s and this watch does not seem up to snuff. Any info would be appreciated. It has a black case and white dial with rubber straps.

    • C11

      Hi- it’s a replica. The Calibre 36 Grand Carrera only comes with a black dial.

    • calibre11

      Hi. It’s a replica. TAG Heuer has never made a Grand Carrera Calibre 36 with a white dial- it only comes with a black dial.

  • Dark

    Hi there, I got a classic Heuer Calibre 11 movement in for repair. It´s a watch that the customer got for his high school degree and now he wants to pass it on to his son for his degree. For the repair I am looking for 1 Special part it´s the ratchet brace for the automatic (the blocking part so that the spring doesn´t lose it´s Tension when winded up by wearing it). Can anybody help me, where I can get 1 of These, or does anybody maybe has one? Thanks a lot for your help, very best regards, Dark.

  • Phil

    I inherited a Tag Heuer 820.213, Titanium with gold inlay and black face. We know little about them and proabably will sell this one. Can anyone give me a value and recommend a broker? I have worn it for years but now retired prefer fitness watches…any help or offers is appreciated..we are in Oklahoma…. thanks.

    • calibre11

      Hi Phil- try listing your watch here: forums.calibre11.com


  • BH

    I lost my User’s Manual for “TH Monaco CAL5110.FC6265”. I want to buy or download one. Help is very much appreciated.

  • John

    I have a 1000 series Tag Heuer 980.1138 with a luminous dial. The dial face is flaking badly, and I have been trying to find a replacement dial. I’ve tried Tag Heuer and eBay and had no luck at all. Can you help me find a replacement, or are there any alternative soulutions?
    Thanks, John

    • John, eBay is the best option…but it could take some time. Keep an eye out!

      • John

        Will do, thanks Calibre 11! Out of curiosity I have seen similar dials listed for the GMT Professional ETA Series 955.112, will these fit my movement or do I need to stick with the 1000 series dials exclusively?

    • John

      Will do, thanks Calibre 11! Out of curiosity I have seen similar dials listed for the GMT Professional ETA Series 955.112, will these fit my movement or do I need to stick with the 1000 series dials exclusively?

  • Maria

    What’s the difference between a v heuer 597675

  • Robb

    I have a Tag professional 2000 watch from 1995. I was told long ago that tag never made a rubber strap for that series but was wondering what options there are or whether any of there current straps would be compatible

  • Peter Croucher

    Hi i have a Tag WF1211-ko I’m wondering how can i get a couple of spare links as it to small for me now
    any recommendation welcome regards

  • maria torres

    How can you verify how old a tag is? My model number is WG112O K0 and how much is the cost ?

  • Susan Robinson

    I just found this watch amidst some jewelry at my parent’s home. It appears to be missing the inner bezel. The back is engraved, CAR CRAFT ALL STAR 1974. Can you advise regarding which model this is? https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/83cd72ee2adb468f6247210714b1c3304a4c364fa7f9637ae00c106c72897012.jpg

    • Hi Helen. Yes, you’re right- it’s a genuine Heuer Calculator with part of the bezel missing…a very nice find!

      • Susan Robinson

        Is it possible to find the missing part? Perhaps it would be best to sell the watch as is?? Any thoughts??

        • If you don’t plan on keeping the watch, then I’d probably sell it as is- yes, you can find the parts, but will take some effort and then you’d need a service, etc.

          If you have more photos, drop me an email- info@calibre11.com

  • kostas marabotos

    https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/399334313b9bb71ebad93c3df50e8e0e143c0e18c12ef0bb81df3006b39179d3.jpg i have this watch can you tell me how can i sell it and what price can i get?or any info about it?thank you in advance