First Look: TAG Heuer Aquaracer Full Black

TAG Heuer have added a PVD diver to the Aquaracer range, with the release of the Aquaracer 500m Full Black (Ref. WAJ2180).

Not officially part of the Basel collection, the Full Black will be released later this year

The Full Black features a finely brushed titanium case with black PVD coating and bright yellow/ green lume markers, that don’t show up that well on this photo ( in fact, these are pretty ordinary photos taken through glass, so they don’t really do justice to the colours of the watch).

The watch has all the 500m Aquaracer signatures- the cyclops date at 9 o’clock, the helium escape valve and the vertical stripes on the dial.

Heuer and TAG Heuer have a real heritage in PVD Diver watches, stretching back to the famous Heuer and TAG Heuer 1000 Professional and the Super Professional, so its great to see a successor to those watches.

PVD diver watches have been popular over the last couple of years (for example, the Sinn U1 black) and I’d expect this one will be very popular, especially given the titanium case, which is a nice upgrade from the other Aquaracer models.

It’s also good to see TAG Heuer using the titanium technology developed for the Grand Carrera on other watches in the range- there is certainly a chorus from the vintage collectors for a titanium black PVD Monaco re-edition.


For detailed photos of the Aquaracer Full Black, click here

For information on the rest of the Aquaracer 2010 range  click here.



  • DKR

    I like it, but if TH added a simple GMT complication to this with 24hr bezel and 2nd time zone hand (think Rolex GMT Master, not Link GMT advanced), I'd be all over it.

  • DC

    DKR, I'm looking forward to seeing these in person. TAG had the watch in the window of their Basel display, which made taking photos tough- the yellow lume looks even better in person, which I don't think comes through well in these shots.

    Agree that a GMT function would be good- I like the Sinn 756 UTC design, where you can hide the GMT hand behind the hour hand if you don't want to use the second time function.



  • DKR

    Funny you mention 756 UTC David. I've been keeping an eye out for a nice used example of the 856 UTC for a while now, but even if a good quality one came up used, I'd still always be hoping for TAG to release a rugged GMT.

    While I love my new Link Calibre 36 (after 7-8 years of want), it it is just too delicate for some of the travel I do. An Aquaracer GMT would be the ideal go-to watch for me when the Link isn't appropriate. Perhaps you could put in a good word for me when you next talk with Messrs. Heuer and Babin. 😉

  • seasalt

    I just pre-ordered the Aquaracer 500m Full Black, I will have to wait till September before it arrives.

    Can't wait.

  • DC

    Well done Seasalt- make sure you come back and post a few photos.

    Good luck counting down the days…

  • Antonio

    Does someone knows what is the cost of the full black?

  • DC

    I don't Antonio- I'm trying to get one to review.


  • George

    For what it is worth an online discount retailer shows the MSRP as $2750 (US). If that is correct then it is only a small increase over the stainless steel version. I hope to purchase one once they are available at my local AD.

  • DC

    Thanks George. I understand that list price from Switzerland is CHF3000, which as you say is only CHF200 more than the stainless steel version.

    I don't know what availability will be like on these, but am sure that you can talk to Rob at Topper's (who are a Calibre 11 sponsor) to see what he knows.