2010 TAG Heuer Aquaracer 300m

Greetings everyone and welcome to the first in an irregular series at Calibre 11 written by Rob Caplan from Topper Jewelers, a TAG Heuer Authorised Dealer. Despite having a single store, Topper have a much bigger internet presence, being a sponsor of several forums on Watchuseek- including the TAG Heuer forum- as well as a great supporter of Calibre 11.

I met Rob at Basel in March and I mentioned that I found it frustrating to only have the studio photos of new TAG Heuer watches to show at Calibre 11- the same photos that every other website has and photos that often make it hard to get a true feel for what the watch looks life in real life and how it compares to other models. And so, the idea for “Topper’s Corner” was born, where Rob will take photos and write a few words about the new stock as it arrives in his store.

So, over to Rob….


Hey everyone, we are excited to do this new feature on Calibre 11 and hope you enjoy it.  In a way, the Aquaracer is an interesting choice for watches to appear on Calibre 11 as the site has such a vintage and heritage theme,  but the descendants of the Aquaracer have been around for a long time and these are the first of the 2010 models to come out.

My brother and I still have the 2000 and 3000 models we purchased in the 1980s in our first few years carrying TAG, and both of our watches still function well today.  Dive watches are our most popular type of watch at Topper, so hopefully you will enjoy the post. We look forward to doing similar posts on Calibre 11 of the new Link GMT, new 500m Aquaracers,  new Monacos and 1887 Carreras when they arrive.

Aquaracer Grand Date (WAF1015)

First up is the Aquaracer Grand Date, a simple “3-hand” quartz watch with the twist of the seconds hand being located at the 6 o’clock register. This watch is the Tag’s largest basic quartz aquaracer,  This new model replaces the Aquaracer WAF1010 which had a semi-circle seconds register at the 6 o’clock position.  At around 41mm depending on exactly how you measure, this watch is an attractive full size dive watch and a big stylstic improvement over its predecessor.  What I like about all three of these new Aquaracers is the pattern on the dial. You can see in the silver example below that there is a subtle horizontal pattern across the face of the dial, which presents itself with varying degrees of subtlety depending on how the light hits it.

Our best selling Aquaracer is the quartz WAF1112 model, which you can see here with the new Grand Date. The new watch is much larger (41mm vs. 38.5) and has the monochrome TAG Heuer logo rather than the red and green shield.

The Grand Date Aquaracer is available in black or silver and retails for USD 1,500.  (100 dollars more than the USD1,400 WAF1112 Pictured above)