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Baselworld 2010 Preview

Last Updated on February 19, 2012 by Calibre 11

With Baselworld now only six weeks away, it is time to look into the crystal ball and put together some predictions on what TAG Heuer might be showing us in Basel. Baselworld is the annual major trade show for watches and jewellery and is held every March in Basel, Switzerland.

While TAG Heuer do release new modelsĀ  throughout the year, the major launches are always at Baselworld…and given that this year is TAG Heuer’s 150th anniversary, it’s not unreasonable to expect that we should be seeing some special watches from TAG Heuer this year.

So, here are a few predictions on what we might-and might not- see in six weeks time. And good news is that there is something revolutionary on the way.

Carrera Calibre 1887

OK, lets start with an easy one- TAG Heuer will be showing a watch powered by the much-discussed Calibre 1887 movement. But which one? Rather than being in a single watch, I’m expecting to see a couple of models featuring the new movement, led by a Calibre 1887 Carrera. Will the Carrera Calibre 1887 take its design from the Carrera Day-Date or from some of the more classically designed models? I expect that it will be the later.

Monaco 24

Take a look back over the last few concept watches that TAG Heuer have shown- Monaco 69, Monaco V4, Carrera 360- TAG Heuer have a great record at following up with production versions of these concept watches and there is no reason to expect any different with the Monaco 24.

This is my favourite concept watch that TAG have shown over the last few years and so I’m very much looking forward to see the production version, although I’d love to see a Monaco 24 in the traditional blue Monaco color-scheme rather than the Gulf colours shown last year. Price? I’d expect this one to be at the highest level of TAG Heuer pricing, so around the USD7-9000 mark

Silverstone re-edition

The Silverstone has already been announced and will be available in two colours- blue (Ref. CAM2110- see photo right) and brown (CAM2111), each limited to 1500 watches. It will be interesting to line this one up against the original Heuer Silverstone for a side-by-side comparison.

V4 Movement

Having successfully commercialised the V4 movement technology, you might expect to see a greater use of the V4 movement across other watches, but I’m not sure about this. Given the design of the V4, I wonder if it will work in anything other than a square case. And if that is right, it may be that the V4 is limited to use in the Monaco series.

Maybe we will see a Monaco V4 in stainless steel rather than platinum to bring down the price, but it may be too early for that given that not all of the V4 platinum watches have yet been delivered. So maybe next year.

New Concept Movement

There’s not too much that can be said about the new movement that TAG Heuer will show at Basel- other than it is just as much of a revolution in terms of design as the V4 movement was and that everything about it is being kept under lock-and key until Basel. But it is coming and it will add to the very impressive range of movements that TAG Heuer have to offer.

Think back 10 years and almost the entire TAG Heuer range was powered by fairly generic ETA movements. Now there is a really impressive range of movements on offer including the V4, Calibre 360, Calibre S and Calibre 1887. The New Concept Movement will add to this range and should be one of the technical highlights of Baselworld 2010.

Other themes

  • Size: Everyone seems to be making the same call: watch sizes have peaked and there is a definite trend to smaller cases. This doesn’t necessarily mean that TAG Heuer will be reducing the case sizes immediately, but I’d be surprised to see anything above 43mm
  • Materials: TAG Heuer have already released watches in a multitude of case materials- rose and white gold, platinum, titanium, PVD-coated stainless steel and normal stainless steel- but what about ceramics? There are many popular ceramic watches on the market today, but nothing yet from TAG Heuer. A ceramic diver watch would be a cool addition to the range
  • TAG Heuer Ambassadors: Expect to see Jenson Button as a TAG Heuer brand ambassador very soon, perhaps at Basel. It will be interesting to see if Kimi Raikkonen will remain as an ambassador now that he has left F1

It will also be interesting to see how the launch of these new watches will be shown to TAG Heuer fans around the world. Look at the amazing interest in the launch of the Apple iPad, or even the new 2010 Ferrari F1 car launched last week (Ferrari apparently had 3 million people following the launch). All being well, Calibre 11 will be at Basel providing live coverage of all TAG Heuer-related news and events for what promises to be the highlight of the TAG Heuer year.


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