Calibre 11- First Anniversary

This weekend marks the first anniversary of Calibre 11, the first post being a simple photo of my Monaco 1133B.

Since that first post, a further 107 stories have followed, drawing more than 500 of your comments and more than 200,000 hits recorded on the site.

More important than these numbers, writing Calibre 11 has been a real joy and pleasure and been a great way to meet fellow collectors, writers and enthusiasts. A big part of the motivation to “keep going” has been the great feedback and support from all of you.

Thanks also to everyone who has provided ideas and encouragement, especially Jeff Stein from OnTheDash, Ernie and the team at WatchuSeek, Rob from Topper’s and the TAG Heuer team in Switzerland, China and Hong Kong.

Looking forward, there will be much more to come, including a re-design of the website that will hopefully make stories easier to find. Onwards and Upwards!

  • wynonie

    Very many congratulations on reaching this milestone. You've created a terrific website and I for one check it daily for updates – its just about the most useful resource on what Tag Heuer is up to and for thoughts and opinions on the entire Heuer universe. Best of luck and best wishes for the future.

  • Speedmaster



  • Lou

    Happy Brithday, and here is to many more!

  • DC – an amazing amount of hard work to produce some of the definitive articles on Heuer/TAG Heuer watches in just one year. I'm looking forward to what the next will bring. Congratulations and keep them coming – always a great read.



  • Congratulations and here's to many more fun years ahead! I always look forward to your articles, keep up the good work.


    Kyle Blog

  • DC

    Thanks everyone- appreciate the kind words. Its been great fun so far and I promise that there is more to come!


  • Johan

    Best of luck with the 2nd year. The 1st was brilliant!

  • Shaun

    Congrats DC, keep up the good work 🙂

  • In addition to placing my kudos among the rest you so richly deserve here, of course I want to recognize your part in making history with the first real identifications of the Heuer / TAG Heuer watches worn by Timothy Dalton as James Bond in "The Living Daylights." Top marks!

    Dell Deaton

  • Douglas Gravina

    Happy Birthday from Brazil



  • JFLUX13

    Congratulations! I've enjoyed everyone of your 107 (that many?) stories. You've done a brilliant job with this site!

    I wish you a great second year!

  • DB10

    Great site. Congratulations.

    I bought my first high-end watch this year for my 40th (calibre 12 Monaco), and your site especially (along with a few others) has really driven my interest in vintage Heuer watches. I can see a very expensive past time ahead of me!

    Keep up the good work.

  • Congrats DC… My anniversary is coming up in a few months, the Heuer landscape is changing and i hope we will continue to inform and bring new interest to the wonderful world of Heuer!

    Cheers and heres to the next year…

  • DC

    Thanks Guys

    Johan- sorry that I didn't get a chance to catch you before I left HK.

    Dell, look forward to seeing the photos of the Bond Heuer diver at the exhibition.

    Rich, 12 months does go fast!


  • mark rush

    You have accomplished so much in the first year, that I can't wait to see what the next year will bring, thanks for your hard work.