Calibre 11’s Second Anniversary

Break out the cupcakes and candles- today is the second anniversary of Calibre 11. Birthdays are always time for a little self-indulgence, so why should Calibre 11 be any different?

That first post from 16 July 2009 is here and I’m sure you’ll notice that I’m not quite as efficient with the word-count these days.

I took a look back over the traffic numbers for the first week, and it’s fair to say that things took a while to get going, with around 800 visitors in the first month, compared to almost 50,000 these days.

There have been more than 160 posts over the last two years and 1800 comments from readers. It’s hugely satisfying to see the number of comments that people post on each story- many thanks to everyone who has dropped by and taken the time to leave a few words.

So where to from here? Well, nothing has really changed from the first post where I wrote:

I’m not sure how the blog will evolve, so let’s see what happens

There was never a master-plan and still isn’t. But one way or the other, the website will keep changing.

One way of doing this may be to add other writers to the site, something that I’ve gotten a couple of inquiries about recently. If this is something that you’d like to do, feel free to get in touch and let’s see what might work. In particular, I’d love to have a “European correspondent”, as it’s getting harder for me to travel to the watch shows personally. It’s won’t all be glamour, but someone has to drag themselves to the Monaco Grand Prix, Goodwood Festival of Speed and Geneva TAG Heuer launches.

So thanks to everyone for the support and hope that you keep coming back for more.



  • wynonie

    Many congrats David. Keep up the good work!

  • Congrats! 😉

  • Tman

    I have been reading yr blog for the past one year, and enjoy yr reviews thoroughly. The mobile version of the site also works well. Keep up the good work and , as always , looking forward to the next blog.

  • Justin Chang

    Congrats on your hard work and effort David! Thank you for providing myself and other Heuer enthusiasts such an informative site. Keep up the good work and we look forwards to many more years of Calibre 11.



  • DC

    Thanks Gents. Two years isn't that long compared to others on the web, but its still worth a quick post- normal service resumes tomorrow.


  • james

    Congrats David, been reading since the first post, excellent stuff m8.

    Still waiting on you finding out if the Spirotechnique Tag Heuer ever featured in a catalogue ;), although i'm sure you have more than that to keep you busy, lol.

    All the best,


  • Marc

    Hi David,

    as a real Tag Heuer fan, (15 pieces, really proud!) I am daily looking at your website en reading you news items the minut they come out. Fantastic, respect for all your Tag knowlegde and you love for the brand. Keep up the good work!

    All the best form The Netherlands!

  • Mike

    Hi David,

    Congratulations! This is a great site and I've been very impressed with the quality and the content – keep up the good work!



  • A great site DC and one of my regular reads, i'd have literally no exposure to TAG Heuer product without it!

    Happy Birthday!


  • Eeeb

    David, your kid is amazingly well developed for a two year old! Congratulations on the good work!

  • DC

    Thanks Gents.

    James, I think I have most of the Catalogues from that era (the annual ones anyway) and there is no Spriotechnique. I'm still looking for a couple of late 1980s catalogues, so maybe its in there.

    Jim, I also have another 2 year-old…lets just say that the website is easier to manage than the human one!


  • Himawan

    Congrats, David!

    This has become one of my favorite sites. You provide detail insight & your own opinion which we never had from the official site.. and also my guideline to buy my next TAG Heuer 🙂

    Would expect to see your next article about comparison with other brand (if you think it's ethical). Keep up the good work!

  • DC

    Thanks Himawan, let me give a short answer to your question on reviews: no, no plans to compare against other brands.

    The long answer? Firstly, there are a few sites that claim to write"independent comparisons/ ratings", none of which I think are very good.

    Why? because so much of a watch is subjective (e.g. the AP Royal Oak and the Patek Nautilus- same designer, same era, same concept, two high-end brands: I love the Patek and just don't like the AP- others feel the opposite) and secondly because very, very few writers (me included) know enough to do a real technical comparison. Anyone can give you an opinion on why the Breitling Calibre B01 is better or worse than the Calibre 1887, but a real technical answer is well beyond me, and so I'd rather not pretend.

    The second reason is that I write the website because I love Heuer and TAG Heuer watches. I feel that I can give a credible review of a TAG Heuer watch- point out what I like and don't like- but I think it would stretch the credibility if I then said that this TAG Heuer was better than an Omega…people would say "what else would you expect a dedicated TAG Heuer website to say?"

    So, it's not so much about ethics for me..its more about staying on ground where I feel comfortable.

    Told you it was a long answer!


  • james

    Thanks David, it was tongue in cheek m8 😉

    Great stuff bud, keep it up.


    • DC

      Yeah, I know, but important questions need to be answered!

  • Congratulations David! We love your site and keep up the good work. Thanks you for sharing your passion! We hope to celebrate the 11th anniversary in persona with you at the TAG Heuer factory 😉

  • DC

    Thanks Alon- 11 years? If I make it that far, everyone will be invited to the party!

  • Congrats David!! And if you will celebrate the 11th anniversary of Calibre 11 in 9 years or so… than count me in 😉

  • DC

    Frank- how are things? Yes, another 9 years and the Schnitzels are on me.


  • Guy David

    Congratulations! Just recently came across this blog, but will visit it regularly from now on.

    • DC

      Thanks Guy- yes, please keep coming by.


  • So many congrats David! Maintaining a watch blog needs a big passion inside, writing only about a single brand in the way you do it, it's even much more.. Keep on going! Massimo

  • DC

    Thanks Massimo- appreciate it!