TAG Heuer Carrera Day/ Date Titanium

Back to the world of modern TAG Heuer watches, below is a photo of the new TAG Heuer Carrera Calibre 16 Day/ Date titanium- essentially this is the same as the Singapore Limited Edition, but with more tasteful red highlights instead of Green and a nicer looking strap.  The dial has a carbon-fibre finish, which is tough to see in the photo below, but looks pretty good.

Another reason to reconsider that Carrera Calibre 360 purchase…

Day Date

  • Junaidi

    I just purchased something similar, but so far, no one has reviewed it. It's the Tag Carrera Calibre 16 Day Date Chronograph Limited Edition for Malaysia, in commemoration of Tag's 150th Anniversary. Only 150 pieces produced, and mine's No. 17.

    Looks like the Singapore Edition, but replaces the ugly green with orange-red….. very flash, racy and most definitely the coolest Carrera around!

  • DC

    Thanks Junaidi- do you have a photo that you can post? I have seen this version of the watch, but I don't have a photo.



  • JO


    I have a 6.5 inch wrist.

    Is the Calibre 16 Day-Date too big for my wrist size?

    Would like to hear from someone who owns this watch.

    I have tried it on, dial size looks fine, but it is a little chunky on the height.

    • DC

      Hi Jo- stay tuned, I have one of these for a review at the moment. I agree with you that its a thick watch..too thick? Impossible to answer, as its really a matter of personal taste.



  • Gary

    Hello, I have a Link Calibre 16 daydate, I can’t seem to find out which year it was produced. I have looked at all of the archives, I’m either over looking it or it’s just not there. Is there any chance you could estimate the year just by model? It’s CJF211A. Thank you for any help.