Carrera Mikrograph: Teaser II

With only ten days to go before TAG Heuer unveil the new 2011 Carrera Mikrograph, Calibre 11 can today bring you a second teaser image- this time of the Mikrograph movement. As you may recall from the last post on this watch, the Mikrograph is a new in-house movement that will initially power a Limited Edition Rose Gold Carrera (see image below).

The party-trick of the Mikrograph is its ability to time to 1/100th second accuracy- a feat that matches the Calibre 360 movement, which TAG Heuer developed, albeit never on a fully commercial scale. But while the two movements may time to the same degree of accuracy, they are quite different both in design and execution.

As you’d expect, the Carrera Mikrograph has a large, clear caseback to highlight the new movement. The movement has a great all-black “industrial” design and like the front of the watch, the movement is branded Heuer. Of course, the really cool parts of the movement are not shown in this photo- but they’re just off to the right…

What is interesting for me about the finish of the movement is the similarity to the finish on the Rose Gold Monaco V4- as you can see below, both have the same black metal finish with an over-sized Côte de Genève style pattern. Using this design gives the movement a very modern feel, in stark contrast to the classic design of the watch itself.

While the Carrera Mikrograph will be the star of the 2011 Basel releases, the watch and its movement will be unveiled ahead of Baselworld at a special event in Geneva on 17 January. Look forward to being able to show you the full images then.

  • This is going to be the longest 10 days of 2011, I can't wait to see her. The partial movement pictures looks awesome, great to start seeing some black movements, which IMO fits way better as a modern design. Wonder what's going to be on the right, will the 360,000bph escapement be visible? That was one of my complaints with the Calibre 360, you don't see a whole lot more going on in the back when the 1/100th chrono is activated.

  • Wisconsin Proud

    It's nice to see TAG develop these high-end movements like the 360 and V4 and put them into their halo watches but part of me says they could be developing an auto movement in house to put in their basic three-hand auto watches.

    Seems they are working from the top down rather than build a base for mass production models. It's alot of resources for a relatively few number of watches they will be put in.

    Instead, they rely on Sellita and ETA for a majority of movements while they put their own highend stuff in models that number in the few hundreds.

  • DC

    Dan, it will be interesting to see how many of the mainstream watches get the Calibre 1887 once the factory is at full capacity. I'd love to see TAG Heuer add another plate so that they layout of the movement could be changed around.

    If the market accepts the Calibre 1887, then I wonder of TAG Heuer would take the same approach with other movements? Not sure if this would make sense as I can only ever see the company making in-house Chronographs…and if they alrady have 1887 and then the high-end movements, why make another one?