TAG Heuer Carrera Mikrograph Unveiled

Having teased you with two partial photos over the last few weeks, today we can finally share with you the full pictures of the new Rose Gold Carrera Mikrograph, a Limited Edition of 150 watches and TAG’s first new watch for 2011.

The magic of the Heuer Carrera Mikrograph is the Mikrograph movement- a new TAG Heuer designed, developed and manufactured integrated COSC Chronograph movement that is capable of 1/ 100th second accuracy.

I mentioned in the earlier post that the Carrera Mikrograph drew on the heritage of the famous Mikrograph stopwatch of 1916, the first timepiece that could time evenets to 1/ 100th accuracy. The dial layout of the watch is more like a stop-watch, with markings of 0-100 on the dial, making it significantly easier to read the elapsed time. Yes, the blue central Chronograph hand completes a full rotation every second, which is sure to be an amazing sight and sound if the Carrera Calibre 360 is anything to go by.

The movement is a work of art, with two different balance wheels, with separate escapements and transmission systems.

Over the next few days we’ll be bringing you lots more information on the watch- details of the new movements as well as photos and interviews from the launch in Geneva. Until then, enjoy these official photos.


For a detailed review and more live photos, click here



  • mrnitz44

    Hello beautiful! My my my she's very easy on the eyes.

    I think I'm infatuated…


  • Rich

    Looks amazing, alot of information displayed on the dial and it manages without looking cluttered. Any word one case size?

    • DC

      Rich, I think it's 43mm

  • Ben


  • Justin Chang

    She really is a stunner! I marvel at how they were able to fit so much on it without making it too crowded or over complicated to read.

    A 43mm case will make it just the size. Anything larger than the 44mm size case in my opinions just screams out 'I seek attention'.

    Look forward to reading more about it when you get back from Geneva!

  • Salvador Rodriguez

    Hola buenas noches:

    Este reloj de complicaciones es muy interesante y bonito

    Mikrograph Unveiled muy interesante:


    Saludos desde Celaya Mexico

  • Rich

    43mm? God, I would have thought it would share the 47mm with the pendulum.

  • dkr

    It's nice, but I'd like to see that movement in something a little edgier, younger and sportier. Like a CV2014 style design that emphasises the relationship between racing and ultra-precision timing. All black dial with white lettering. Red 1/100th chrono hand. Stainless steel case. Perforated black leather or rubber strap. Lose the power reserve for a neat tri-compax subdial layout.

    • DC

      I quite like that they have not used a modern design for a new innovation- that's what TAG Heuer normally does.

      Am sure that there will be future versions of the Mikrograph that do follow the style you describe


  • bradharro

    Really like this watch and especially the 1/100th second timing. Would like to see it in black and stainless as dkr mentioned.

  • wynonie

    wow. limited to 150 pieces, this will go fast. its stunning.

  • RT19

    Very nice; can't wait for the inevitable serial production version to be released in 2012 or so.

    The PVD'ed movement is really nice; gives the watch a really interesting and unique touch.

    One question: could someone explain the retrograde subdial at 12? The dial at 3 is a 30 minute totalizer, the dial a 6 is for chrono seconds, presumably, and the dial at 9 is for running time seconds. The only thing that makes to me is a 100 minute counter for the chrono.

  • dkr

    Pretty sure it's a power reserve.

  • DC

    Correct- its a power reserve indicator (90 minutes) for the Chronograph function, which must be manually wound.

  • Phil Thornburgh

    I would like to know if anyone out there knows how to purchase this?

    • DC


      Reckon that the best option is to go to either a large Authorised Dealer or a TAG Heuer boutique to place an order. If you're lucky enough to get one, please come back and post a few photos.


  • Faizan

    I need to know how can i use 1/100th option.i have it, bit i did not see any fast movement…please let me know if anyone know,Thanks

    I do not check this forum daily, so anyone know then please email me at doogrose@gmail.com