TAG Heuer Carrera Day/ Date Titanium- Live Photos

A while back I posted the official TAG Heuer launch image of the new Carrera Day Date Carbon Fibre/ Titanium watch- and now here are some photos of the watch out in the wild. This is the same as the Limited Edition version of the Carrera Day/ Date launched for the 2009 Singapore Grand Prix, but with more appealing red accents rather than green.

Carrera calibre 16, 100 meters, tachymetre, chronographThe titanium version of the usual steel Carrera Day/ Date (Reference CV2A80) features a carbon-fibre look dial and the Calibre 16 movement (ETA/Valjoux 7750).The 43mm titanium case has a brushed finish and weighs in about 20 grams lighter than the standard version- safe to say that the benefits of titanium are aesthetic rather than to save weight.

The band has the basket-weave look of Carbon Fibre, but is actually standard calfskin leather that has been treated to give it a distinctive look.

TAG Heuer Carrera Day- Date Titanium CV2A80 - 4This is my favourite of the current Carrera model range- the Day/ date version has a larger case than the previous date-only version and borrows some of the detailing- such as the Arabic numerals and “double-crown”- of the Calibre 360 Carrera but at a fraction of the price. Likewise, the RRP is around half of the other titanium Carrera, the Grand Carrera Ti2. Complaints? Does the watch really need that much writing on the dial? Take off “Calibre 16”, “100 meters”, “Chronograph” and “Automatic” and you’d have a much cleaner look.

TAG Heuer Carrera Day- Date Titanium CV2A80 - 1RRP in the US is USD4200, although you’d back yourself to convince your friendly AD that they should give you a nice price reduction for Christmas.

Live Photos- Carrera Day/ Date Titanium CV2A80
TAG Heuer Carrera Day- Date Titanium CV2A80 - 2

TAG Heuer Carrera Day- Date Titanium CV2A80 - 3

TAG Heuer Carrera Day- Date Titanium CV2A80 - 5

TAG Heuer Carrera Day- Date Titanium CV2A80 - 6

TAG Heuer Carrera Day- Date Titanium CV2A80 - 7

TAG Heuer Carrera Day- Date Titanium CV2A80 - 8

Comparison to Steel Day/ Date Carrera Calibre 16

TAG Heuer Carrera Day- Date Titanium CV2A80 - 13

TAG Heuer Carrera Day- Date Titanium CV2A80 - 12

TAG Heuer Carrera Day- Date Titanium CV2A80 - 11

TAG Heuer Carrera Day- Date Titanium CV2A80 - 10

TAG Heuer Carrera Day- Date Titanium CV2A80 - 9



Photos: Topper Fine Jewelers. www.topperjewelers.com

  • Fabrizio

    Apart from my joke on the Chronosplit entry, here's one instead I really like.

    I must admit that the (date-only) Carrera Tachy is probably the only TH current watch I fancy, and especially the one with red chrono hands and rubber strap I find irresistible.

    Still I didn't like the D-D version: that is, till now! This is amazing, with the mock-carbon fibre strap, the vintage-looking hands, and this gorgeous dial.

    Agree that a less crowded dial would be even nicer, as would white-on-black date and day discs IMHO. Still I like this new version a lot, thanks for sharing.

  • Admin

    Agree- if you squint your eyes, the hands look very similar to those used on some of the Lemania Heuers of the 1980s…


  • valentin miu

    I saw this watch first time about 2 months ago in Grand Cayman..in a few words:love at first sight!!I am so getting one..is the first Tag I absolutely LOVE since my deceased Kirium F!..in Europe is much more expensive so I will get back to the Carribean to get it..

  • DC

    Sounds like a good reason to head back for another holiday. I tried one of these on the other day- it was much larger than I expected.


  • valentin miu

    Who said anything about holiday?I am working ..cruise ships..so I get there ..4 free..

  • Nick F

    Funny, that there is no info on this watch on TAG’s website.

    Just added this watch to my TAG collection. Agree with DC, this model is very well thought out, from carbon fiber dial, Ti matte finish to the basket weave leather band, it definitely should be part of every TAG fan’s collection.

    Here’s my observation, the Arabic numerals on this model is not shiny (rhodium coated like the other Day/Date models). However, it illuminates which is quite unique! (BTW, this is not stated in the brochure). In additon, the sapphire crystal is also double AR coated.

    As my first titanium watch, it does take some getting use to. If you are used to stainless steel, you may miss the heft.

    Word is that it is quite difficult to polish titanium. I just hope the titanium carbide coating on the case is scratch resistant.

    One last thing, this model is no longer available in the 2011 brochure. Get it while it’s still available.

    My 2 cents…..

  • Gilles

    What size thé band

  • Gilles

    To expensif for the mouvement not cote de geneve

  • Gilles

    Longine grande vitesse as the cote de geneve a lot nicer finish for the mouvement

  • DC

    Not sure what you mean Gilles- the rotor has a cote de geneve finish.

    I quite like the Longines, although not sure about the red highlights around the 12 o'clock mark.


  • david

    Does this special edition also exists with a stainless steel case?

  • Neb

    Hi, is the carbon fiber Day Date a limited edition series? Have been trying to look for it! Thx in advance for the feedback

  • Valentin Miu

    And… Three years later I finally got it. YYYYYYYYHAAAAAAA!!!

    From St Thomas, probably the last one(s) ever in a store.. $3500 but well worth it.. Anyone interested? They said when I asked if they have it that they have 2..

  • Charles S Williams

    Hi David, As a life time Carrera lover it looks to be 43 mm in diameter is that correct, and my next question does it come with a titanium bracelet.

    • DC

      Hi Charles,

      Yes, 43mm. No bracelet option on these, only the strap.


  • DC

    Valentin- congrats and thanks for checking back in to the original post.


  • Cesar

    Hi David, do you think its a good deal to change this carrera for a jack heuer 40th anniversary carrera from 2005? Thanks

  • Hi Cesar. Quite different watches- the Jack Heuer 40 is 39mm vs. 43mm for the Day-Date. Yes, I'd take that deal, but depends what you like!


  • Cesar

    Thanks David! I know its a totally diferent watch but I have always love the vintage look of the carrera. Nice job with Calibre 11! Regards

  • RMS

    Does anyone have one of these for sale? Or, know of one that is available?

    Thank you.

  • Francis Contante

    My carbon caliber 16’s strap is peeling off, does that ever happen to you guys?

  • Hi Francis- I haven't heard any complaints about this? How long have you had the watch?


  • valentin

    Welle I am back with more news about my fantastic limited edition piece of ……. it stopped working a few months ago..sent it to an authorized dealer and got fixed o ly to stop again a few days ago after 3 months ..this is really disapointing to sed that a $3500 watch can malfunction after o ly a year and a few months..totally disapointed about Tag Heuer..I know that it will be repaired under warrany at no cost(hopefully I won’t have any surprises about this) but still..and yes the strap does peel off..because of moist..I loomed up for a replacement one..$500..nice going Tag Heuer!!!

  • Hi Valetin. Sorry to hear about your problems. I reckon that a watch is like most electronics- if you are unlucky enough to get a bad one, you'll know about it after a few days/ weeks.

    After this period, its impossible to know why a problem occurs- but in most cases (don't know about yours), its unlikely to be an inherent quality issue. The 7750/ Calibre 16 is 40 years old and there are several hundred thousand made every year….they SHOULD be bullet-proof.

    Anyway, that's for the initial problem. You certainly shouldn't see a repeat of the problem after only three months, unless there is something in the way that you use the watch that causes problems. This can be the case with a magnetised watch, but in that case the accuracy is impacted- the watch doesn't stop.

    Good luck- hope you get it resolved once and for all.


  • valentin

    Thank you..but the problem is not the watch or the
    movement..it’s the fact that the only official
    repair center from my country either did a lousy job or they did
    not do it at all..the rep told me there was a loose screw which
    circulated in the movement..and guess what? when I took it back to
    the shop I bought it from, the manager showed me the screw which
    was loose and was blocking the rotor..so if anybody can tell me
    that because of a few scratches on the bezel a screw can come loose
    from the mechanism than I guess there are different physics laws
    for the watch making..sent it last Sunday to New Jersey and hope
    they will repair it for no extra cost as the watch is under
    warranty..let’s see how reliable really Tag Heuer is..

  • Valentin

    Hi again..guess what? After two months since I sent the watch, I found out I have to wait another 3 months cause the caseback has to be changed and is on backorder since this model is discontinued..hope I will get it back next year..can anybody say “Maurice Lacroix”?