Download Jack Heuer’s Autobiography- The Times of My Life

What better way to spend a Sunday that reading a copy of Jack Heuer’s autobiography? The print copies have been hard to get (but we’ll tell you how to get one- shortly!), but the PDF is available.

It’s a fascinating read, and Jack doesn’t skip over any of the tough times. Anyone who wants to understand the constant pressure that Heuer was under during the 1970s and early 1980s will get a real sense from the book. And yet, it was during these hard times that Heuer flourished from a creative point of view.

Like all good stories, there is a happy ending, with Jack Heuer properly recognised for his vast contribution by both “his” company and the Swiss watchmaking industry as a whole.

Click on the image below for your free copy



  • Ongart

    so cool

  • SCY

    The Dallas TAG Boutique sent me a copy of this when I ordered a new timepiece at no extra charge

  • Mahmoud

    Good luck.

  • admar

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