Watch The Jack Heuer Film- The Times Of My Life

Watch the Jack Heuer Film- The Times of My Life

Last Updated on June 22, 2019 by Calibre 11

As regular readers will know, the legendary Jack Heuer released his autobiography earlier this year, entitled “The Times of My Life“. The book traces Jack’s journey from a young engineer sent to the US to learn the family business in the 1950s, to the painful loss of Heuer to the Swiss banks in 1982 and finally to his return to TAG Heuer in the early 2000s as Honorary Chairman.

Jack around 1970. He seems to wear a Carrera on his wrist.Having had the pleasure to meet Jack on several occasions, what sets him apart for me is his unfailing focus on innovation. While today we get sentimental looking at his great chronographs of the 1970s, Jack was always interested in the next big idea, whether it be the first mechanical chronograph in 1969, or the first digital chronograph in 1975. Some may have seen digital technology as too risky, but it appealed to Jack’s sense of adventure. And when he returned to TAG Heuer and was asked to propose a new watch, he put forward two projects: a new (not a re-edition) Autavia and a new model that would have been the first Swiss watch to display time based on an atomic clock signal. While the second of his ideas didn’t happen, it demonstrates clearly his vision for innovation rather than being someone focused on reliving past glories.

The Times of My Life Film


Building on Jack’s autobiography, TAG Heuer has made a 17-minute film that tells his story. The Film will première in a few hours time in London at Salon QP, but for those who can’t be there, we have you covered. You can watch it on Calibre 11 at the same time as those in London.

Yes, thanks to TAG Heuer UK, Calibre 11 is proud to screen the film from 8.30pm London time on Friday 7 November  NOW LIVE!

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