First Look: TAG Heuer Carrera Calibre 18 Telemeter Glassbox

We told you a while back that TAG Heuer would launch two “Heuer” branded Carreras this year, and here is the first of those watches- the 2015 Heuer Carrera Calibre 18 Chronograph “Glassbox”. The new design is close enough to the Panda-dial Carrera of the 1960s to warrant the “re-edition” label- and best of all, is sized like a vintage chronograph at 39mm.

Heuer Carrera Calibre 18 Telemeter

The Inspiration

Heuer Carrera 7753 SNT


The closest vintage model to the new Carrera is arguably this watch- a Heuer Carrera 30 Ref. 7753 SNT, featuring the Valjoux 7730 movement (manual wind). The major difference between the old and the new is the size (39mm for the Calibre 18 vs. 36mm for the Valjoux 7730) and the Telemeter scale on the new watch replacing the tachy scale on the vintage model.

What’s a Telemeter? Regular readers will recall this scale from a our previous article on Heuer’s scales and has the primary use of measuring the distance of artillery fire.


TAG Heuer Calibre 18This is the second TAG Heuer to use the Calibre 18, after the Link Chronograph of 2014. The movement is a Sellita SW300 base with a chronograph module from Dubois Depraz- the DD 2223. While the photo above is of the Link, the new Carrera Telemeter also has a sapphire caseback.

TAG Heuer have placed the movement inside a Glass Box, which they claim make the watch lighter and gives a more vintage feel- we’ll have to see this one in person to see the difference.

Price and Availability- Reference CAR221A

TAG Heuer Carrera Calibre 18Early indications are that the 2015 Heuer Carrera Calibre 18 Telemeter will go on sale around July 2015, with the following (early) estimates on price:

  • Switzerland: 5,900 CHF
  • Europe: 4,900 EUR
  • North America: 6,400 USD

At this stage, the watch is not a limited edition, but numbers will be limited to that ordered by dealers, rather than being a regular production watch.

TAG Heuer Carrera CAR221A.FC6353We can’t wait to see this new Carrera re-edition in the flesh- it’s the right size and design to be hugely popular.

Live Photo

Here’s an early wristshot of the new Carrera

TAG Heuer Carrera Calibre 18 Wrist Shot

Photo by @quentmeg via Instagram


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  • shauno

    Looks great! Good to see some more re-edition style Carrera’s 🙂

    • calibre11

      It does, doesn’t it?

  • Charlie

    Definitely a move in the right direction by TAG. 39mm is perfect. Is it me, or does the estimated price seem slightly on the steep side given it’s a Sellita base movement?

    • calibre11

      Yes, it’s at the high end for sure. It’s not a straight-out-of-the-box Sellita movement, in the same way that the Calibre 11 is modified by Sellita.

      Pricing is about the same as what was proposed for the Calibre CH80 last year, although I guess we have to assume that at it’s proposed price, the CH80 wasn’t making any money

      • Nathan Smith

        The CH80 was going to be a +US$9,000 watch, this one will be priced at US$6,000. The same price that current Clibre 17 and 18’s are priced at.

  • kendall

    I have been waiting for this one. Amassing its taken them this long considering the original is such an icon. Although for the price which one do I buy ?

  • John

    I promised I wouldn’t buy anymore watches this year but after seeing this I really want it.
    It’s a beautiful piece that’s for sure.
    What is a glass box?

    • calibre11

      Good question John- I don’t know for sure. On the modern watches the crystal fits flush to the bezel. The older style crystals were like a clear “cap” that sat on top of the dial and were then placed inside a case.

      My guess is that it’s a return to a vintage style crystal

  • Remy

    The new Cal.18 Carrera is awesome. I really appreciate the decision to bring out a 39mm Carrera Chronograph.

    The panda-dial looks fantastic in my humble opinion.

    I will definetely check this one out in store.

    Thanks for sharing and greets from Germany.

  • Jonny

    This is definitely a wonderful re-creation of the vintage heuer. But what does it meant by placing the movement inside the glassbox? Any explanation is much appreciated. Cheers