First Look- TAG Heuer Carrera Calibre 17 Panda Silver & Black (Ref. CV211D, CV211E)

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TAG Heuer has added another two colour variations to the Jack Heuer Carrera 80 family with the addition of Silver and Black models for 2016. Like last year’s Blue dial (ref. CV211A), these watches are not only a limited edition, but will only go one sale in two countries, so those looking to add to their collection of heritage-themed Carreras will need to move fast.

2016 Heuer Carrera Calibre 17 PandaThere have now been six heritage Calibre 17 Carreras launched since 2012 when the Jack Heuer Carrera 80th Birthday Edition was the first to be unveiled- you can see the complete collection below. All these watches share the same 41mm steel case and the Calibre 17 movement- note that the two 2013 watches are certified chronographs (Chronometers), whereas the others use the standard version of the Calibre 17 movement.

Heuer Carrera Calibre 17 41mmLet’s take a closer look at the 2016 Carrera Panda duo, references CV211D (Black) and CV211E (Silver).

Heuer Carrera CV211D- Black Panda

TAG Heuer Carrera CV211D- Black Dial Calibre 17The 41mm Black dial model- with contrasting white/ silver sub-dials- is reminiscent of the stillborn Carrera CH80 from 2014- below

TAG HEUER CARRERA CALIBRE CH 80 CHRONOGRAPH 41MM CBA2110.FC6347 MOOD PACKSHOTIn fact, there there was a second version of the Carrera CH80 made after the Basel prototype above and before the model was cancelled. That watch looked very similar to a three-register version of the new 2016 Calibre 17 Panda- so if you have pined for the CH80, then the new model is as close as you’re going to get.

The Black dial model is available on both the red-lined Black Calfskin strap, and  the H-Link bracelet. Note that the final production Carrera Calibre 17 we’re showing you here is slightly different to the Basel prototype shown below- the Black inner-bezel has been swapped out for a contrasting silver inner-bezel.


Heuer Carrera CV211E- Silver Panda

TAG Heuer Carrera CV211E- Silver Dial Calibre 17The second new model offers a bright starburst Silver dial with Black sub-dials and accents- and like the Black dial model, the Silver dial has also changed slightly since we first saw this watch at Basel, with a contrasting inner-bezel replacing the Silver of the prototype.


Haven’t We See You Before?

Heuer Carrera CV211E- Silver Dial Calibre 17Haven’t we seen a Silver dial Panda Carrera Calibre 17 before? Well, kind of. The original Jack Heuer 80 has a Silver dial with anthracite sub-dials, inner-bezel and white hands. On the new model, we have a Silver dial with Black sub-dials, inner-bezel and black hands. Are the two tones of the Silver the same? Certainly from the official shots above they’re not, with the new model a much brighter, lighter shade of Silver. Let’s wait and see when the actual watches arrive in the stores, although the live shot of the Silver dial from Basel appears to have the same colour tone as the Jack Heuer 80.

Nevertheless, we would have stuck with the Black Dial/ Black Bezel and Silver Dial/ Silver Bezel combination as shown at Basel to help put further distance between the classic Jack Heuer model and the new arrival.

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Price and Availability- 2016 Heuer Carrera Calibre 17 Panda

2016 TAG Heuer Carrera Calibre 17The bad news is that there are just 500 examples of the 2016 Carrera Calibre 17 Pandas- and that’s 500 across both colours. 400 of these will go on sale in the UK and just 100 will be available in Central Europe.

The watches will be available from November with pricing set at £4,000 / €4,700 / CHF 4,900 with the strap or £4,100 / €4,800 / CHF 5,000 on the bracelet.


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