Up Close: Tag Heuer Formula 1 Mclaren Limited Edition (ref. caz1112)

Up Close: TAG Heuer Formula 1 McLaren Limited Edition (Ref. CAZ1112)

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One of the first times I saw a TAG Heuer watch was on the wrists of the McLaren-Honda mechanics as they changed the tyres of Alain Prost and Ayrton Senna. TAG Heuer made sure that the entire pit-crew wore bright-red Formula 1s, no doubt encouraged by the fact that their boss Ron Dennis was a major shareholder in TAG Heuer.

McLaren TAG HeuerYes, the story of the links between TAG Heuer and the McLaren team is a long one- 30 years in fact. While we all like to look back on the Heuer/ Ferrari relationship, the reality is that this only lasted for seven years- the bonds are much tighter between TAG Heuer and McLaren.

CAZ1112.FC8188Given this, it was unlikely that TAG Heuer would allow the 30-year milestone to pass without commemorating the anniversary with a watch and it’s appropriate that its a Formula 1- the TAG Heuer Formula 1 McLaren Limited Edition, as modelled below by Jenson Button.

TAGHeuer_Ambassadors_2015_JensonButtonThe watch is based on the new-generation Formula 1 42mm case, with a quartz Chronograph (Ronda 5040D) movement. The changes for the McLaren edition are limited to the “Rocket Red” aluminium bezel, Red “30” on the minute track and the bespoke black and red NATO strap.

On the caseback we have an engraved “1985” McLaren, although the F1 geeks would point out that it looks a lot more like a 1988 MP4/4.

TAGHeuer_FORMULA1_McLaren_CAZ1112.FC8188_DosTAG Heuer and McLaren

MP4-30-Side-OnWe’ve written a series of articles about the links between TAG Heuer and McLaren, which you can check out here:

Love and violenceHere are some photos of the two 2015 McLaren-Honda Formula 1 drivers Jenson Button and Fernando Alonso wearing the new Formula 1- given both men are smiling, it must have been taken before last week’s opening Grand Prix in Melbourne, which was especially challenging for the team. But it would be foolish to underestimate either McLaren or Honda, who formed one of the sport’s greatest partnerships back in the late 1980s/ early 1990s.




TAGHeuer_Ambassadors_2015_FernandoAlonso_2Pricing and Availability- TAG Heuer Formula 1 McLaren Limited Edition (Ref. CAZ1112)

CAZ1112.FC8188_TAG_HEUER_FORMULA_1_McLAREN_LIMITED_EDITIONThe 2015 TAG Heuer Formula 1 McLaren Chronograph is limited to 5000 examples, priced at CHF1,450 in Switzerland and is expected to go on sale in July.

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TAG Heuer Formula 1 McLaren 30 Edition

TAG Heuer Formula 1 McLaren 30 Edition

TAG Heuer Formula 1 McLaren 30 Edition

TAG Heuer Formula 1 McLaren 30 Edition

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