Geneva Concept Teaser And Launch Webcast

Geneva Concept Teaser and Launch Webcast

Last Updated on June 22, 2019 by Calibre 11

Next week is the first chance to see the 2012 TAG Heuer watches, with the company holding an event in Geneva from 16- 19 January. We already know that the 2012 Formula 1 Series will be unveiled in Geneva, but it wouldn’t be a launch event without a new concept watch from TAG Heuer.

TAG Hear have released the image below and are promising a “game-changing new regulator breaking all high-frequency records“. Geneva Concept Teaser And Launch Webcast

There’s very little given away by this image, other than it looks like the watch is a development of the Micrograph or Mikrotimer- most likely the later. However, if you look back at the Calibre 11 posts from October last year, I reckon you’ll find a pretty good clue.

Calibre 11 will be there to bring you all the news from Geneva- and even better, you can follow the live launch of the new Concept watch on this very page.

Live Feed

The 2012 TAG Heuer Geneva Concept watch will be launched at 19:30 (CET – Central European Time), Monday 16 January 2012.