The Haslinger Collection

Last Updated on April 3, 2016 by Calibre 11

If reading the interview with Jack Heuer has inspired you to add to your vintage Heuer collection, then the perfect opportunity is coming up in December 2010, when renowned Heuer collector Arno Haslinger will auction 81 watches from his amazing collection through Bonhams.

Arno’s collection is detailed in his terrific book “Heuer Chronographs” which has detailed photos of all the famous Heuer models from the 1970s, as well as the stories behind the development of each model. The book is a great read in itself, but it now also serves as a sort of preview of some of what you will find for sale in December.

So, what about the collection itself? Simply put, this is the best private Heuer collection in the world. Arno is a fastidious collector- he doesn’t touch anything unless it is 100% original and in mint condition- many of his watches are unworn “New Old Stock” examples- proper “NOS” with the fantastic original Heuer red sticker still on the back.

One of the other attractive features of this auction is the comfort of knowing that during the process of putting together his book, Arno had every one of his watches checked and verified by former Heuer watchmakers- no “fraken-heuers” here.

TAG Heuer have put their support behind the collection and will feature several of these watches during the “Odyssey of Pioneers” world tour with Tesla. In addition, TAG Heuer will create a special one-off TAG Heuer Silverstone re-edition which will carry Jack Heuer’s signature on the dial.

Arno has always been a great supporter and friend of Calibre 11 and so I’m hoping to be there in London on December 15 to watch him say farewell the collection that he has painstakingly built up over several years.

Hopefully, it will also be a good chance for vintage Heuer collectors to get together for what will be a great night and a fitting way to bring a close to TAG Heuer’s 150th anniversary year.

For more information, visit the Bonham’s website and below you’ll see a few photos of these amazing watches.