Up Close- Heuer 1000 Twin Chronograph Digital 984.024

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Vintage collectors don’t generally rate digital watches that highly. And they certainly don’t rate gold watches- let alone a watch that isn’t solid gold, but only gold-plated. Despite this, I jumped at the chance to buy this NOS watch- a Heuer 1000 Twin Chronograph with a combination analogue/ digital dial.

The time is kept by traditional analogue hands, while the Chronograph is operated via two pushers, with the results shown on a small digital screen.

Heuer 1000 Gold The watch uses the same case as the Heuer 844, meaning that it’s a full size 42mm gold-plated case.

You can see the gold plating on this watch is still in perfect condition- because this watch was never sold back when it was new.

Heuer 1000 Gold - 11

Heuer 1000 Gold - 12The problem when I bought the watch is that it had sat unsold for so long that the battery had leached into the movement, completely destroying the module. So a replacement was needed, and fortunately, there were several watches to use theĀ ESA Y2 900.231 movement, so it didn’t take long to find a donor watch and get the 1000 up and running.

In the Catalogue

Heuer 1000 Gold - 1The Twin Chronographs- the only time that the Heuer 1000 was offered as a Chronograph- was only sold for a couple of years and only as a Heuer. There were three models in the range- the Gold-plated model in this story and the two models shown above.

The watches featured in the 1983 and 1984 Catalogues but did not survive the transition to TAG Heuer.

Up Close- Heuer 1000

Heuer 1000 Twin Chronograph Digital 984.024While part of the reason that I bought this watch was for the thrill of the hunt (i.e. finding a new movement), I have to say that I quite like it’s retro looks. The Heuer 844/ 1000 case shape is a classic one, and I quite liked that this was the “anti-vintage” Heuer…something a little more fun that the usual expensive and precious Heuers that most collectors seek.

Heuer 1000 Twin Chronograph Digital 984.024

Heuer 1000 Twin Chronograph Digital 984.024It’s only the last series Heuer 1000s that have the stamped “Heuer” shield that you see below- you can see the clear sticker still in place on the case back.

Heuer 1000 Twin Chronograph Digital 984.024


Heuer 1000 LCD Digital/ Analogue

Heuer Box

Heuer 1000 Gold - 7Despite being a Heuer and coming with Heuer instructions, the box itself says TAG Heuer, which dates this watch to 1986/ 87.

Heuer 1000 LCD Digital/ Analogue

Heuer 1000 LCD Digital/ Analogue

Heuer 1000 Gold - 5While I enjoyed the Heuer 1000 Twin Chronograph while I had it, I did move the watch on after a few months, happily for more than the cost of the watch originally and the cost of a new movement. Just proves that vintage watches don’t have to be expensive to be fulfilling.