Hands on Review: Heuer 510.500 Lemania

One of the reasons that I have spent time looking into the history of the Heuer and Lemania relationship recently (see here and here) was to find out more about the heritage of a watch that I’ve recently bought- a Heuer 510.500. The 510 series Heuers use the same case as the Heuer Pasadena, but with a Lemania 5100 movement in place of the Valjoux 7750. The watches were launched in 1982/ 3 off the back of the change in Heuer’s ownership. The new owners of Heuer included Nouvelle Lemania, which was seeking to ensure there were plenty of chronographs on the market using its 5100 movement.

Heuer 510.500

Heuer 510.500

Heuer 510.500

Heuer 510.500This watch is a series two 510.500, distinguished from the first series by the Day/ Date feature (the first series 510.500 was date only) and often coming with the TAG Heuer logo on the bracelet, even though the dial is “Heuer”.

The 510.5XX watches were the only Lemania-powered Heuer to survive into the TAG Heuer era, with the TAG Heuer version having the reference number 510.500-12. This different model number signals more than just the addition of the TAG Heuer logo to the dial- it also signifies that most of these watches use the slower-beating 5012 Lemania movement and not the 5100.

This particular watch has recently been back to TAG Heuer in Switzerland for a service and some new parts. While the majority of the Lemania Heuer watches use an arrow-shaped 60 min red chrono hand, it seems as though these were often replaced with the flatter “T-shaped” hands when the watches came in for service.

This is the second 510.500 that I’ve owned- the first one was the TAG Heuer version that was only in average condition and so was sold in the hope that a better one would come along.

Heuer 510.500

Heuer 510.500

Heuer 510.500

Heuer 510.500The 510.5XX watches were one of the predicted big price movers for 2010, but from watching recent sales it’s too early to tell if there has been any real appreciation. There have been a few of the “pewter” and PVD versions sold in the last 6 months, but only one-two of these stainless steel versions.

But no matter- irrespective of how the market values them, the 510.500 is a fantastic watch and one that’s more rugged and practical than some of the older Chronomatic Heuer watches that fill most vintage Heuer collections.

Heuer 510.500

Heuer 510.500Heuer 510.500

Heuer 510.500

Heuer 510.500

Heuer 510.501






  • Gerardo Gonzá

    Dear Sir,

    I have just seen you have just acquired this beautiful Heuer 510.500. I am a Heuer 500 lover from Spain. I have 4 PVD ones but was waiting and waiting for a stainless steel Heuer 510.500. I guess, so soon after acquiring this one, you may not be too much into selling it. But I will VERY INTERESTED in buying it from you if we arrive to a deal. Besides money, 2 of my 500 PVD are available for trade or for part of extra addition to the final money arrangement. Hope to hear from you soon. It would be very appreciated.

    Kind Regards.

    Gerardo González Pérez

  • DaveS


    If I may, a small correction. You refer to the 510.500-12 being the TAG code for the 510.500 in your third paragraph. This is not strictly true. The 510.500-12 is distinguished by being powered, not by the Lemania 5100 at 28,800 bph, but the 5012, at 21,600. Hence the 12, from 50"12". I have seen the back off at least 4 of these, and they all have 5012s, not 5100s beating away inside.

    It is the only watch ever made with the 5012 movement being equipped with a 24-hr sub-dial at 12 – unique, as the absence of this sub-dial is generally considered to be a distinguiching feature of the 5012. It may be that the 510.500-12 continued after the 510.500, and if it did, it is likely to be to use up the stock of 501 movements left over after the acquisition. A parts-bin special, if you will – and a very nice one too.

  • DC

    Thanks Dave- yes, you're right- its not just a change in name.

    As I wrote in the second of the Lemania posts, its amazing that Heuer modified the Lemania 5100 to remove the 24hr function (Silverstone) and then modified the 51012 to add the 24-hr function (510.500-12) when they could have simply used the original 5012 and 5100 movements respectively.


  • Fabrizio

    Dear David, as usual magnificent post and pictures, and what a good taste in choosing a L5100 Heuer ;-P.

    I don't know whether you put it so cleverly ("510.5xx") just to encompass the Carrera too, but let's not forget that also the black PVD Carrera (Heuer ref. 510.511) made the transition to the TAG period, though they did drop the iconic "Carrera" moniker from the dial.



  • DC

    Thanks Fabrizio- do you have a photo of the PVD Carrera with a TAG Heuer logo? Don't think I've seen that before.


  • Roberto

    Hi David ,

    I own a Heuer 510.501 Chrono PVD Watch and am interested in perhaps parting with it . Where would be the best place to sell this Watch and at what price range ?