Heuer Autavia 11630 GMT- New Arrival

Generally I find that being in a different time-zone to most of my fellow Heuer collectors can be a disadvantage when it comes to buying watches, as many of the best watches can get listed while Hong Kong sleeps, meaning that you get to read about what you missed out on over breakfast the next day. This time, however, I got lucky.

This New Old Stock (“NOS”) Heuer Autavia 11630 GMT had only been listed for about 20 minutes when I saw it on eBay with a Buy it Now price. One week later, the watch has arrived and certainly lives up to my expectations.

Heuer Autavia 11630 GMT Black Sub-Dial - 6The 11630 GMT came in two models- one model with white sub-dials and the other rarer model with black sub-dials. The crucial aspect of these watches is the quality of the blue and red bezel. It’s impossible to get genuine Heuer GMT bezels from TAG Heuer- and has been for several years now. There are a range of aftermarket GMT bezels that are pretty good, but the blue tends to be too bright and the font on the numbers not quite right. With the bezel being the main driver of the value of the Autavia GMT, it means that you have to be very careful wearing the watch- a fact that doesn’t really appeal much to me because, as we all know, knocks happen.

Heuer Autavia 11630 GMT Black Sub-Dial

Heuer Autavia 11630 GMT Black Sub-Dial

Heuer Autavia 11630 GMT Black Sub-Dial This watch was bought by an internet dealer a few months ago during a buying trip in the US. It has never been worn and has the original sales sticker on the back, Heuer swing-tag and box. It also comes with the original unmarked Corfam strap. Corfam was an artificial leather developed by Du-Pont in the 1960s and used by Heuer for most of its straps in the 1970s. Corfam is much stiffer than I expected, and while it looks great as part of an original sales package, I can’t  imagine ever using this strap for daily use- unlike leather, the corfam doesn’t soften with age.


Another nice touch is that the original sales sticker is still on the back of the swing-tag- $375.


Heuer Autavia 11630 GMT Photos

A few more photos of the GMT below

Heuer Autavia 11630 GMT Black Sub-Dial

Heuer Autavia 11630 GMT Black Sub-Dial

Heuer Autavia 11630 GMT Black Sub-Dial

Heuer Autavia 11630 GMT Black Sub-Dial




  • Congratulation what a great find and fantastic watch – and less than US$ 4k.

    It is of cause nicer than the identical, but used, one that I have. But what will you do about wearing the watch? Will you or not?

  • Admin

    Thanks Peter- I'm missing the bracelet that you have on yours. Personally, I prefer the Autavia on the original bracelet given the size of the 11630 and 11063 cases.

    Good question on whether I'll wear it- at this stage I think it will stay in the safe. In a way, I'd almost rather the watch wasn't NOS as then there is no hesitation to wear the watch.


  • ChrisGaldames

    Love everything about this watch, especially the bezel color combination. I too would of liked it not to be NOS for the very same reason you stated.

    Very nice find indeed, Congratulations my friend.

  • OK

    You get mine with bracelet.

    I get yours with accessories.

    Then everybody is happy 😉



    Don't wear it. It will be a super investment if you leave it as it is!

  • Admin

    I'll give your kind offer some thought Peter 😉

    I think that you're right: better to keep this one as it is rather than wear it.

    Thanks Chris- it is the bezel that makes these special- its a much lighter blue than the Rolex GMT blue.


  • www.heuerchronograph

    Great watch !! congrats from Austria !!

  • Carl Hewson

    Looks a beautiful watch, you have to wear it! how could you not? it all about enjoying them no matter what age or rarity or condition. its what the watch would want

  • Admin

    Fair point Carl- and usually I agree with you. I bought a NOS Silverstone which I do wear. But this one? Will need to think about it a bit more…

  • George C.

    Did you ever break the fast and wore it 🙂

    • Hi George- no, I didn\’t..sold it on as NOS