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First Look: TAG Heuer Monaco Re-edition Grey

Last Updated on February 19, 2012 by Calibre 11

TAG Heuer have shown a Grey re-edition TAG Heuer Monaco at Baselworld.

The watch is very similar to the 40th anniversary TAG Heuer Monaco released this time last year, with the only real difference- apart from the colour of the dial- being that this Monaco uses the new, larger 39mm case from the Calibre 12 Monaco, rather than the 38mm of the 40th anniversary model.

The hands, pushers and leather strap seem to be identical, and I assume  that this will use the same Calibre 11 movement.

No word on pricing or timing yet, but it will probably be a Q4 10 watch rather than something that will be in the stores shortly.

At this stage, the watch will be released in a limited edition of 1,860.

These photos were shot through glass and with lots of overhead light, so its difficult to properly capture the colour and finish of the dial- its more textured and grained that these photos would indicate.

It did however look to be very close to the dial used in the famous 1133G Monaco of the 1970s, just as the 40th anniversary Monaco used the same blue tones as  the 1133B. This is the first time that TAG Heuer have released a Grey re-edition of the Monaco

It’s also interesting to see TAG Heuer once again using the Heuer logo on this watch, which is a break from the strategy of the last 5-6 years, where all watches had TAG Heuer, even if they were re-editions (e.g. Autavia).

Below for comparison is the dial of a vintage Heuer Monaco 1133G- while this example has Grey sub-dials, there was also a variant with black sub-dials, just as with the new model.



To clarify, this grey re-edition Monaco is stainless steel, not PVD. Yes, the case does look dark in the photos, but as explained this is due to the way that the watch was photographed under heavy lights. See a full review and more photos of the watch here

Photo: OnTheDash

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