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  • Róbert Timár

    It’s been quite a while since I’ve been proposing to “re-invent” the day-date feature for the Caliber 16 Aquaracer Chrono (as this watch has also been mentioned in the post – base ETA-Valjoux 7750 / Sellita SW500), as on the previous CAF2010 model family. (Possibly without cyclops above date window.) This watch would really make a good seller… showing day-date costs nothing, it’s a practical feature, mostly on a sports watch used during a. o. summer holidays etc. and gives a tad more balanced dial looks. Just my two cents… I’d go for a blue dial version with black ceramic bezel or black dial with blue bezel… 🙂
    Other point of improvement is to introduce a quick-micro-adjust clasp for the steel bracelet. (Competing brands – like Rolex, Breitling, Omega, IWC – usually have such a feature…)

    • calibre11

      You’ve been a patient man! As you know, there was a Calibre 16 Aquaracer Day/ Date..not sure why it wasn’t continued. Perhaps it didn’t sell that well?

      I’m with you on the bezel combo and the micro-adjustment. TAG Heuer have offered this on only one watch (Monaco LS) and I thought it was great. On that topic, at least TAG Heuer’s leather straps have infinite adjustment with the type of deployant used. I have a JLC where you have to use pin-holes for one end of the deployant rather than the “clamp” system and it’s nowhere near as good.

      • Róbert Timár

        Well, I had such a day-date Aquaracer and sold it. Had a few minor issues:
        1 – hands and hour markers were not as bright in darkness as some of the competing brands’ diver chronos
        2 – missed the quick adjustment on the bracelet
        3 (- white calendar discs bothered me but had it replaced w/black ones)
        4 – the typical case design element at 9 disturbed me after a while
        5 – highly polished thick frame of two subdials and day-date window disturbed me

        Almost all have been cured by now:

        1- hands and hour markers have larger lume areas so possibly lume is way better
        2 – here we must soon get some newly developped clasp system!
        3 – possibly should come with black discs when black or blue dial but can be replaced if not
        4 – the superfluous case convexity still disturbs me but now it is shapet a bit more subtle and if a recessed Helium valve (like on the Seadweller or Avenger Seawolf or DS-3 Reissue or a few others) should be placed at 9 the convexity should have a function and so it should be perfect
        5 – issue solved as recent reincarnations do not have these thick polished frames any more

        So I’d highly welcome a sister model with:
        -micro-adjust bracelet clasp
        -possibly recessed Helium valve at 9
        -blue dial

        I know that my posts are somewhat stealing the thread as I’m talking about the chrono cal. 16 version but “corporate identity” goes back to all models, non-chrono too. All written above my two cents only.


        PS: As you took my attention on the Monaco LS clasp I’ve looked at the review and copy here what you’ve written about the clasp:
        “The party trick of the bracelet is the micro-adjustment wheel that you see above, which can increase the length of the bracelet by about one inch, allowing for a perfect fit. It works brilliantly and it’s shame that we haven’t seen this feature make its way across other TAG Heuer models.”
        Couldn’t agree more… but a more simple system is fine enough too… sg similar to that of the Breitling Ocean Racer or IWC Fliegerchrono ref. 3777 bracelet clasps.

  • Mascor

    I like the new ceramic version very much! The 41mm case will fit perfect on thinner/sleeker arms. Imho, the hour markers are not too big, they add perfect visibility even at night or under bad weather conditions and with this easy to read-design this watch should be a pefect working horse for dayli use in business and sports-leisure times! Will there be a quartz-version be available?

  • Dan

    Thank you for the review. My question is about the blue bezel aquaracer- I have not been able to identify the true color of the blue? Would you label it – royal blue? Similar to the Rolex GMT Master II bezel?

    • calibre11

      Hi Dan- I haven’t seen it in person and would be loathe to speculate- the photos of the last Blue-dial Aquaracer 500m looked royal blue but were almost an indigo in person- reckon you’ve got to check this one out in store


  • Brett

    Just to confirm, when you say, “retains most of the looks of the more expensive Aquaracer 500m model, losing only the decorative helium escape valve” you don’t actually mean that the helium escape valve on the 500m models aren’t functional right?

    • calibre11

      Hi Brett- yes, you’re right. It is functional. What I meant was that for most owners you’ll never use it, so it’s more of a decorative feature…but it does work! I’ve updated the clumsy wording in the article, so thanks for pointing that out


  • Id like to see a silicone band, instead of the nylon. I dont think it would cheapen the 500 at all

  • biskandar

    Always amazed with aquaracer with bold besel like ceramic they have, very nice watches.