McLaren TAG Heuer Box Set

In January of this year, I posted an article on Calibre 11 about the various McLaren- branded TAG Heuer watches released over the last few years, which you can read here.

1998 was a special year for McLaren, as it produced their first Drivers and Constructors World Championships since Ayrton Senna supported by Gerhard Berger triumphed in 1991.

In fact, despite having the services of four World Champions since 1998- Hakkinen, Hamilton, Raikkonen and Alonso- several years of Adrian Newey-designed cars and the backing of Mercedes-Benz, McLaren has not won the Constructors title since that 1998 victory, let alone the Drivers- Constructors double.So this makes the 1998 a banner year for McLaren fans and this 1998 box-set of McLaren TAG Heuer’s a rare slice of memorabilia.

There were only 200 of these sets produced, each with three watches:

  • Mika Hakkinen 6000 Series
  • David Coulthard S/el Series
  • West McLaren Mercedes S/el Series

This particular box-set is for sale on Ebay at the moment for a fixed price of GBP 5,250. That is a significant price for any Heuer/ TAG Heuer collector, but for the ardent McLaren fans, this is the only one of these sets that I have ever seen on the market. The seller states that all the watches are un-worn and complete with all documentation.

Perhaps the answer is to back Jenson Button to secure the trifecta of pole position, fastest lap and the race victory in this weekend’s Monaco Grand Prix. GBP 210 placed at the odds of 25-1 would see you with  enough winnings to take home this set without having to worry about the price.

$_57 (6)

$_57 (8)

$_57 (7)


Version 2

Thanks to Steve Dadson for pointing out this auction and to the seller, Premier Brands Boutique, for allowing Calibre 11 to post the images (for the record, on a no-fee/commission/ anything basis).



Premier Brands Boutique

  • Steve Dadson

    I'd love to make that bet and it definatly has merrit but I'm not sure my wife will let me bet £210. Great article I shall be keeping this in my favourites box, thanks David.


  • Sol Jenson

    great atricle, we bought one of these box sets from southerby's auction house around 5 years ago for one of our directors leaving gift and paid a few thousand pounds more then the ebay listed price, great bargain for any collector, very rare box set to find.

  • DC

    Steve, just as well you listened to your wife!

    Sol, sounds like a high price- assume he was a big McLaren fan.


  • Robert

    i looked into this particular item on ebay. the listing price at the time was 4,500GBP.

    i was surprise to see the seller had numberous auctions for the same item it seemed and thus made me weary of buying. however, a great buy for any Mclaeren/Tag Heuer fan and collector.

  • DC

    Yes, I think that its been up on eBay several times now- its a high price that I think he may get, but only froma small sub-0set of TAG Heuer need someone who also loves McLaren and see it as more of a McLaren piece of memorabilia rather than as three watches…


  • Sally

    Hi guys, stumbled upon this article as I'm researching a Box Set of watches that were among my dad's possessions when he died back in 2003. Can anyone recommend where to get them valued as my local jewelers did a valuation for Dad's estate at £600 in 2004!!

  • DC

    Hi Sally,

    Well, the GBP600 doesn't sound right- but it looks like no-one is biting at GBP4500-ish either.

    A guess- and these don't come around often enough to offer you accurate guidance based on previous sales- would be that a mint set might sell for GBP2000-2500.

    As always with these types of box-sets, you'll get a higher price from a keen McLaren fan that you will from a keen TAG Heuer fan

    Good luck


  • Howard

    back in the year or so after it was released I saw it in La Jolla (San Diego), California for $10,000…I would have bought it however the box was had a scratch and a chip. I have 2 of the Hakkinen watches (black XXXX/2500, I believe and a white face one, yes authentic XXXX/1000, I also have the McLaren Team watch as I am a Formula One Auto racing fan, all the way back to the days of Bruce McLaren and CanAm cars.

  • Howard

    I also saw the Coulthard watch on E-Bay years ago, I would assume it was authentic, afterall, who would want to make the effort to fake a Coulthard watch, unless they were going to use it for a fake in a fake set of the 3 watches. I did not get it because I already had about 6 S/eL's and I did remember that when I saw the watch it seemed somewhat small. Smaller than my basic non-chronometer S/eL…my first Tag Heuer watch.

  • DC

    Thanks for posting Howard. If you have the time, it would be great to get some close-up photos of the Hakkinen watch- lots of McLaren fans here like yourself.

    Agree that the Coulthard watch would have been genuine- fakes wouldn't have been worth the effort


  • Howard

    To David:

    If you were David Coulthard, I sincerely apologize. I have always respected and admired David Coulthard for his talent, spirit, personality, honor, etc. I did not mean in any way to demean the prestige of one of my favorite drivers in Formula One of all time. I have seen the Autavia box set, the one I was looking for when it was new. But it’s a tad pricey for me now. I sold my Mercedes SLR metal band on EBay a while back as I did not desire to wear a leather banded watch, as the next years release came with metal or rubber, however the bands were not interchangeable with my 1st release SLR. I may go back and get one of the 2nd generation ones, and the 2nd band so that I could switch from metal to rubber. Have picked up a Panerai 327 Chrono Daylight Titanium metal band. The titanium on the watch is nowhere near the durability of my Tag Ti5, as it will pick up fine line marks from rubbing it against I don’t know what, maybe jeans that were not washed with enough fabric softener. I wish a rubber band would be an option for this watch, however, my only option is probably the leather band that comes on the same watch, which Panerai calls the 326.

  • DC

    Howard, let me put your mind at ease- I share Coulthard's initials and first name, but that's the only connection- anyhow, I don't think your comment was disrespectful in any way.

    Personally, I far preferred Hakkinen as a driver, but really like Coulthard's work as a commentator and am looking forward to him commentating more on BBC this year.

    The Ti5 is a cool watch- sounds like you have a nice collection


  • gc

    Do you think the lower the number on these box sets the more valuable they will be? I have a very low number set and was told that the first few were given to the drivers etc? any truth in that rumor?

  • DC

    Not sure gc- If you had a set that was owned by a driver, then yes..but otherwise I'm not sure that it will make much difference.

    I haven't heard that the drivers/ team were given these box sets- but it makes sense that they would have been given the watches.


  • gc

    Cheers David,ive locked them away as an investment think they were set 4 or 5? gc

  • DC

    That is a nice low serial number- worth holding on to, as you say


  • humanomaly

    A Coulthard S/eL just transacted on E-Bay, I believe…..I would have scrutinized and considered…it.

    DC…I also have the Ti McLaren set with the piece of Titanium and a bearing of some sort…the watch is very similar to the Ti5 but not as nice. I believe there were 1200 sets of these. I have the 4 Link Senna's, ahhhh……too many to take care of, thinking of thinning out my collection. One watch which I never picked up was a Calibre 36 movement watch….I almost waited for the Monza edition of it, but the dealer told me it wasn't going to be made. It was. I bought the regular Monza and did not cherish it. I'm sure there are some new Link Calibre 36's out there still.

  • DC

    Sounds like you have a great collection. What makes you say that the McLaren Ti Kirium isn't as nice as the standard model…is it the same watch with a McLaren logo, or are there other differences?

    If you missed out on a Monza Calibre 36 a few years ago, you might be able to buy one again soon..

  • Howard

    DC, There are differences, I will get out my photo equipment and show you.

    It's a chronograph, but I recall it only has 2 inner movement display circles, the band is not flat and plain as the Ti5, but it does have some markings on it, which differentiate it. This is just from memory.

  • David

    I have a set Trilogy 1998 complete with all paperwork boxes etc, the watches have never been worn and are in mint conditions.

    Its no 42 -200.

    If anyone would wish to put an offer in of around £6,000

  • Interesting comments made here, just wanted to say the set is 100% original and sold to a mclaren collector in London last year. for those of you who had slight doubts on authenticity our ebay feedback speaks for it self, over 10'000 individual customers cant be wrong and with a lot of TAG watches being sold each week we remain the biggest seller of TAGs on ebay UK. for reference they are so cheap because we have a contact at LVMH the company that owns TAG and a few other luxury brands. we get limited edition watches and box sets like this throughout the year from TAG head office, also we advise any unsure buyer that any local TAG dealer will be more than happy to verify authenticity. For the gent who made the comment on the item being listed more than once so had doubts, answer is simple: only 80 characters allowed per ebay search listing title, we have many more keywords for this item to attract potential buyers so we listed it 3 times with different keywords as soon as one sells the other two listing are automatically cancelled. we think we will be getting another one of these this summer as well as a few other limited edition box sets.

    premier brands boutique

  • Francois

    Hi David great artical as always I see there is a set for sale on Chrono24 for about $3000, not to bad I recon.

    @ Howard that Ti5 Mclaren is limited at 999 not 1200, as nice a watch as it is I would rather want the 6000 Mclaren that perseaded it, but thats just me.


  • Thanks Francois. I agree…that is a very attractive price.

    Hard for me to split the Kirium and the 6000 McLaren…maybe I would also go for the 6000….but ask me again tomorrow!


  • nayef

    dear sir are they still available for sale . if so please notify me and with their final price I am a serious buyer

    • pjeir3

      Hello sir,

      would you be interested in one of the McLaren boxes?



  • pjeir3

    Hello there,

    nice site,
    to complete this article : Tag made a similar set of only 50 with the same watches and box, but this had the WEST McLAREN MERCEDES logo on it. They were for the West McLaren team. The watches were also Limited and numbered from 1 to 50. I recently bought my fifth set(!?) There’s a couple of sets which have the signatures on top of the box. I have 2 of those.
    I also love Omega’s of the 80’s (Titane and Dynamic).


  • pjeir3

    Sorry, the 1st picture doesn’t belong to the sets I have.

    • pjeir3

      this one does.

      • calibre11

        Hi Pierre- which photo would you like me to remove? The Hakkinen one?

        • pjeir3

          Good afternoon,

          yes please,



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  • Daniel Pantzarfelt

    If anyone is interrested in a full set as above, never used and with all papers, box and tags I have 1 which could be for sale.

    • Hi Daniel. Try listing in the Marketplace at