Meet the New Boss: Stéphane Linder

TAG Heuer has this morning announced that Stéphane Linder has been appointed to succeed Jean Christophe Babin as CEO of TAG Heuer. Linder is a 20-year veteran of TAG Heuer, and in fact is one of the few remaining Executives who worked at TAG Heuer before the LVMH takeover in 1999.

Stephane LinderStéphane has had a number of roles at TAG Heuer, including Marketing Manager, Head of R&D and most recently Vice President of Sales for North America.

Pleasingly for TAG Heuer fans, Stéphane is a product guy. He was a key part of the team that introduced the Sunglasses range and played a key role in developing the bracelet for the TAG Heuer Kirium series (below).

Kirium BraceletHe also worked on later developments of the 6000 Series, including the Gold series and the 6000 Chronograph.

We spoke to Stephane a couple of years ago when researching a couple of stories on the older TAG Heuer models, including the TAG Heuer Edge, a series that TAG Heuer designed and built (more than 10,000 cases!) in the late 1990s before scrapping the series after the LVMH acquisition.

tag12Stéphane Linder takes over the reigns at TAG Heuer at an exciting time. Jean-Christophe Babin’s team has built a wonderful platform for the business, but the challenge is to now continue that work and take the brand to the next level.

We look forward to talking with Stéphane soon to find out what he sees as the main challenges and priorities. Linder commences the new roles on 1 June 2013.


  • Tag really should get rid of F1 line (and some of Aquaracer). It's a toyish line and weighs down the brand more than it helps.

    • Mario Ojeda

      I agree but the F1 is a huge money maker for Tag and it is really an appealing watch for racing enthusiasts. I would keep it but make it into a mechanical watch or a higher end quartz watch. Remember that even Rolex has quartz watches

  • Let's see. Every CEO makes changes, so only time will tell if TAG Heuer will continue on the same path.

    There are some new F1 models coming I hear, which should go some way to addressing the low cost/ quartz criticism

  • Good YouTube clip here of Stephane explaining his role in the Monaco V4 project:

    • Tim Boyd

      Hey Dave,

      I am new to TAG and in a very short period of time have realized that TAG has a major problem in customer service. What is being done to improve customer service and customer retention?

  • DM

    Well, there is that Calibre 16 Formula 1 watch already.
    Not sure how I feel about this, especially at this moment when I don’t know the pricing of it.

    It feels to me like it could dilute some of the halo around the other more expensive mechanical watches, especially if it is priced in line with the other cheaper Formula 1 models.
    I have a hard enough time figuring out where the premium for the Carrera over the Aquaracer lies, so what about the difference in pricing of the Carrera over what the Formula 1?

    Overall, I welcome a cheaper point of entry for a mechanical TAGHeuer chronograph but I find myself unsure of It now that it is here.
    Perhaps it is priced as the top end model of the Formula 1 line and will be close to the price of the Aquaracer models. Like I said, I don’t know how it is priced yet.

  • My view is that the Formula 1 should remain as quartz only- but High End Quartz. Is the market willing to pay a premium for HEQ? Probably not at the moment….so that's a problem!

    One of the challenges for TAG Heuer is the breadth of the brand. I don't know if in the long term you can span the market from entry-level quartz to double tourbillon

  • Hosanna Notario


  • GEN

    I was given a Monaco LS yesterday as a gift from my wife. The watch was purchased at a Jarod Galleria of Jewelry store. As a aficionado of watches I was very pleased with the gift! But to my dismay the time piece did not have a Sapphire case back. I phoned Tag Heuer and spoke to a quite knowledgable associate whom concurred with me that this was a previous model that was produced without the sapphire case back. I have been in touch with the Jarod store, the manager stated that the new Monaco model which includes the sapphire back is $13,000 dollars. I am awaiting a call from them, the manager is not sure she can get the NEW Monaco with the sapphire back! This is outrageous and does not uphold the Tag Heuer name and I am hopeful that Jarod will not try this scam tactic with me. If so, I will purchase my Monaco at another REPUTABLE Tag Heuer retailer. I would also wish to receive an email from higher management within the Tag Heuer Company to discuss this matter further.

  • Gen, sounds like you're talking about two different watches- I haven't seen the Monaco LS with a sapphire caseback…but the Monaco 24 does have one and is priced above the Monaco LS…perhaps a different watch?

    I don't see the scam here…

  • BJS

    DISGUSTED WITH TAG HEUER – I waited all my life to get a Tag Heuer watch – finally bought one and within a year, the crown came off in my hand while setting the time. The watch was under warranty but customer service said it would cost $1000 plus to fix it because crowns aren’t covered under warranty. I was totally unimpressed with customer service who made mistakes at every turn. AGAIN – I have been completely DISGUSTED with my entire Tag Heuer experience.

  • Hi BJS,

    I have deleted the names of the sales consultants you mentioned..not relevant here.

    Sorry to hear about the problems- obviously impossible to diagnose over the web, but I do suggest that you get in contact with their Customer Service page on Facebook:

    I wouldn't expect that Stephane will reply to any comments posted here..not sure how often he comes by…if at all!



  • Tim Boyd

    I recently purchased a Formula 1 ($3000 US) and 2 weeks after purchase the ceramic bezel cracked. I shipped it to USA Customer service and paid $300 for the repair as I assumed it was damaged due to no fault of TAG. It is now 5 weeks later and I have not received my watch. They tell me the part takes up to 8 weeks to get from TAG because they only ship parts in bulk, not 1 at a time. This is unacceptable as I paid for the repair and assumingly paid for the part to be there for repair. The NJ service center is the main service center in the US for TAG and they don't have the parts to fix my watch. I am so sorry I sold my Rolex and bought this watch. To make matters worse there is no way to speak to somebody above customer service at the service center. If a part is not available they should have replaced my watch considering I owned it for only 2 weeks. My next step is to find a local TAG rep through a TAG boutique. Keep an eye on EBAY as you may see a great deal on a TAG Formula 1 very soon.

    • Hi Tim,

      Firstly, I am with you 100% that a two week old watch should not have a bezel crack- no question there. I assume (and hope) that they are repairing under warranty (assuming that the damage wasn't caused by you?)

      However, I don't agree on your other points. Would you expect someone to replace your new BMW because they didn't have a head gasket in stock? So long as TAG Heuer fix the watch under warranty, then I would consider the problem to be solved, albeit with inconvenience to you.

      I'm always reluctant to answer messages about broken watches, not because I'm in denial that watches break when they shouldn't (they do), but because without inspecting the watch in question, no-one on the web can give you correct advice and make a fair assessment of the damage and whether it was a manufacturing fault, or user error (e.g. watches that lose time are often- unknowingly- magnetised by owners who then can't believe that their new watch is faulty…)

      TAG Heuer do have a Facebook page where there is a customer service section- perhaps try that if you are not getting the problem solved.


  • Greg Nagle

    See comment from GEN 5 November 2013


    I failed to state that at the time my wife purchased the Monaco the TAG site lists the Monaco LS as having a “Sapphire Case back”. So I assumed this to be correct, TAG would not accidently list features of a timepiece in which it does not really contain? Indeed TAG told me it was a typo. Booo on TH. I decided to keep my gift anyway, after all, the piece itself is a beauty. I must add the Jarrod has an unprofessional staff as well as higher-up management.

    To speak further about my Monaco… I went on vacation in the Domincans in early December if 2013, after 6-8 weeks of ownership. I went into some pools with floating chairs and wadded into the water on the beach, yes with the timepiece on my wrist, crown IN (I’m 53 and am not new to fine timepieces) of course. On my return home I noticed some condensation under the crystal which dissipated as well as the watches ability to have movement as well. I took it to Jarrod, they treated me like a fool as did TAG, stating that the crown was pulled out! Again unless you don’t know anything about timepieces would you ever ever make this mistake. Regardless, in investigating this watch prior to purchase, I was quite sure that the seals/ gaskets were quite failsafe even when the crown is open in shallow water. NO, I never touched the pushers either. TAG and Jarrod said I was at fault and charged me $1800.00 to fix the timepiece. I am a Metalsmith in Jewelry Design and know my trade well. The job performed by TAG, which took 6 weeks was HORRIBLE. The sapphire was replaced in a way I would be embarrassed of my own repair. It now looks so bad that you can see the nicks on the case where the tech obviously PRYED the sapphire off. It’s basically ruined cosmetically. I’m sick and disgusted with the REPAIR. Either the pusher gaskets failed or the crown… Perhaps even somewhere else on the timepiece itself. It was NOT USER ERROR as determined but a DEFECTIVE product. I am 100 percent certain of this.

    Please if a TAG rep or Management person views this comment please contact me. Thank you.

    • Hi Greg, sounds like it has been a disaster for you. I can't really do much, other than I'm happy to refer you on to someone in the company if that will help.

      Send me an e-mail-