1000 Series (Heuer)

The Heuer 1000 Professional series began life as the reference 844 and its quartz equivalent the 8440. While the early watches were made in France by Monnin, later watches were made in Switzerland. Following the early success of the 844, the model range expanded with a new case design to include a variety of dial colours and case materials.

The series was not branded as the “1000” until 1984, but it is by this name that the watches are best known.


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Heuer/ TAG Heuer 1000 Professional- The Ultimate Collector’s Guide

The Heuer 1000 series came at a pivotal time for Heuer. By the late 1970s, the majority of the brand’s successful mechanical Chronomatic chronographs had been discontinued as the quartz crisis took hold. In fact, it had been Heuer’s stopwatch and timing business that kept the company afloat for as long as it had, so the company needed a sales… Read More

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Up Close- Heuer 1000 Twin Chronograph Digital 984.024

Vintage collectors don’t generally rate digital watches that highly. And they certainly don’t rate gold watches- let alone a watch that isn’t solid gold, but only gold-plated. Despite this, I jumped at the chance to buy this NOS watch- a Heuer 1000 Twin Chronograph with a combination analogue/ digital dial. The time is kept by traditional analogue hands, while the… Read More



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