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Launched in 1962, the Autavia perhaps epitomised the brand’s motor racing spirit. Originally a dashboard timer, the Autavia became a wristwatch in 1962 and formed the heart of the Heuer range through to 1985.

The Autavia is hugely popular with collectors today, especially the first generation models from the 1960s, which are powered by manual-wind Valjoux movements. Heuer’s own Chronomatic movement was introduced in 1969 along with a totally new case design.


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Autavia Cup Winner- 2446 MK3 TAG Heuer Autavia Re-edition

Following more than 50,000 votes from the public, TAG Heuer today announced that the Autavia model chosen to make a comeback will be a re-edition of the Autavia 2446 MK3. Now that we know the model, the two remaining questions are what will the size be and which movement will the watch use? While we’d like to think that the… Read More

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Choose the next TAG Heuer Autavia: The Autavia Cup

Back in December we broke the news that TAG Heuer would re-release the Autavia as part of its 2017 Heritage Collection. And to make the choice of model more interactive, TAG Heuer has launched an online competition to help whittle the list down to a final four from which the production watch will be chosen. Here’s your chance to influence… Read More

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Vintage Heuer Autavia- The Ultimate Collector’s Guide

Reading the history of Heuer as it is usually written today, it’s easy to get the impression that the Carrera was the series┬áthat really established the brand’s credentials as the leading maker of racing-inspired chronographs. And while the Carrera was certainly important, it was in fact another model that had the real sporting heritage and authenticity- the Heuer Autavia. Taking… Read More

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Explaining the Prototype Heuer Autavia 1163

The holy grail for vintage watch collectors is the prototype watch- something that goes beyond being merely “rare”. Every vintage collectors knows that there is rare and then there is really rare. The Paul Newman Rolex Daytona Exotic Dial? Very expensive, but far from rare. You could have one landed at your desk within a few days. Same story for… Read More

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History of Heuer V: 1969 in Focus

By now you may have read that TAG Heuer has called its newest in-house chronograph movement the Calibre 1969. We’ve told you that 1969 was a pivotal year in the history of TAG Heuer, but who better than Mark Moss to bring you in detail a look back at the year that everything changed- 1969. Yes. We have covered the… Read More

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Up Close- Heuer Autavia 11630 & 11063

The Autavia is my favourite vintage Heuer series, in part because of the amazing diversity of the range. The Chronomatic Autavias formed the heart of the Heuer line-up from the time of their introduction in 1969, through to the last days of Heuer in 1984. During this time there were three distinct Autavia generations- 1163, 11630 and 11063. This article… Read More

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Up Close- Silver Dial Heuer Autavia 11630T

A new arrival this week in the form of a rare Heuer Autavia 11630T with a beautiful Silver dial. The Silver and White dial Autavias from the 1970s are the rarest and highly sought dial colours- yes, there are plenty of beautiful models with the more standard black dial, but there is undeniably something special about the lighter-hue dials. This… Read More

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Bonhams Haslinger Collection: The $40,000 Question

Exciting news: last night the vintage Heuer fairy flew to the Cayman Islands and deposited USD 40,000 into the secret Calibre 11 bank account. The condition? That it all gets spent by Christmas on at least five vintage Heuer watches. Fortunately, the Bonhams auction of Arno Haslinger’s vintage Heuer collection is fast approaching- December 15 in London. I’ve previewed the… Read More

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Heuer Autavia GMT Restored

Back in February I posted a few photos of a tired Autavia that I had bought with the aim of having it restored. The 11063 GMT Autavia is one of the last of the Heuer Autavia series, and my favourite of the Autavia GMTs, with its all-black dial and over-sized case. They are however difficult to find, which is why… Read More

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Restoring a Heuer Autavia 11063 GMT

A while back I bought this Heuer Autavia 11063 GMT on eBay. Its the first time that I’ve bought a watch for a restoration project, although I hasten to add that I will be doing none of the work myself due to a complete lack of relevant skills.

So, in the time-honoured tradition of restoration projects, here is an overview and a few photos of the “Before” watch with the “After” photos to follow when the project is complete.



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