The Heuer Calculator is the very epitome of a tool watch- that large bezel is not just there for looks, but acts as a slide rule for calculations. This is the largest of the vintage Heuer watches, coming it a 45mm. The Heuer Calculator was available with Heuer’s own Calibre 12 and Calibre 15 Automatic movements as well as a single manual-wind Valjoux option.


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Up Close- Heuer Calculator 110.633

A new arrival at Calibre 11 HQ this week, when a beautiful Heuer Calculator Calibre 12 arrived (Reference 110.633). This is the first Calculator that I have owned and have to say that it’s a hugely impressive watch, offering enough “vintage” to clearly not be a modern watch, but at the same time having a contemporary size, sitting at 45mm…. Read More

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Finding Parts for your Vintage Heuer

I bought a “NOS” Heuer Calculator earlier this year- it was an impulse buy really, as I had never previously liked the Calculator that much…they always look a little ungainly and over-sized in the photos. In real life, they look fantastic. Yes, it’s a big watch, but no bigger than many new watches that are on sale today, so it… Read More



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