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Launched in 1963, the Carrera built on the racing heritage of the Autavia becoming a classic chronograph in its own right. The first generation models are defined by their light proportions- a simple 36mm steel case with balanced and easy-to-read dials.

The 1970s brought in a new square-case design and a range of brighter colours, before the Carrera name was phased out entirely after Jack Heuer departed Heuer SA in 1982.

Initially powered by Valjoux and Landeron movements, the Carrera switched to the Chronomatic Calibre 11, Calibre 12 and Calibre 15 movements for the 1970s, before ending with a range of ETA and Lemania engines.


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From the Vault: The story of the Heuer Carrera Blue Dial 7753BT

Welcome to a story about a watch that doesn’t exist, at least officially. While the first-generation 1960s Heuer Carrera was offered with a wide variety of dial options over its six-year life span, each of these dials stuck close to the monochromatic end of the colour scale. Sir could have any colour he wished, so long as it was black… Read More

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The Story of James Garner’s Heuer Carrera 3647N

This is the story of a very special 1960s Carrera, a watch that belonged to a Hollywood legend who not only starred in one of the most famous motor racing films of all time, but was also the owner of a racing team that competed at Le Mans and Daytona. This is the story of James Garner’s treasured Heuer Carrera…. Read More

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Vintage Heuer Carrera 2447NT

It’s been a while since we’ve posted a story about a great vintage Heuer, but let’s make up for lost time with one of the most special we’ve seen in a long time- a beautiful Heuer Carrera 2447NT. Not familiar with the real history of the Carrera? You can check out our dedicated Carrera mini-site here to read up on… Read More

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History of Heuer V: 1969 in Focus

By now you may have read that TAG Heuer has called its newest in-house chronograph movement the Calibre 1969. We’ve told you that 1969 was a pivotal year in the history of TAG Heuer, but who better than Mark Moss to bring you in detail a look back at the year that everything changed- 1969. Yes. We have covered the… Read More

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Vintage Heuer Carrera- The Ultimate Collector’s Guide

The Heuer Carrera is perhaps the most famous wristwatch made by Heuer- a chronograph that sums up the Heuer brand and stands as the link between the past, present and future of TAG Heuer. This ultimate guide to the classic Carrera steps through the major models- and we don’t leave out a few low-points along the way! It may surprise… Read More

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History of Heuer IV: 1960s

In the 1950s Heuer, at the instigation of some of its senior management, had experimented with a range of non-chronograph watches. This had just exposed them to wider competition amongst the Swiss watchmaking companies though and ultimately didn’t pay off. As Jack Heuer explained to Calibre 11, the problem was that many brands sourced their dials and movements from the… Read More

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Celebrating 50 Years of Carrera

Unless this is your first time to Calibre 11, you’ll already know that 2013 marks the 50th anniversary of the TAG Heuer Carrera. Fifty is no mean milestone and so we wanted to celebrate in the right way- by creating a dedicated 50 Years of Carrera website You’ll find a review of each decade of the Carrera, which sets out… Read More

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Explaining Cotes de Geneve

Becoming a watch collector and aficionado can feel like learning a foreign language. Sometimes figuratively, as when learning what the names of the various components of a movement are called. After that, trying to understand what each piece actually does is another job again and one that I would have to confess I haven’t finished. Or gotten very far with… Read More

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Bonhams Haslinger Collection: The $40,000 Question

Exciting news: last night the vintage Heuer fairy flew to the Cayman Islands and deposited USD 40,000 into the secret Calibre 11 bank account. The condition? That it all gets spent by Christmas on at least five vintage Heuer watches. Fortunately, the Bonhams auction of Arno Haslinger’s vintage Heuer collection is fast approaching- December 15 in London. I’ve previewed the… Read More

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Heuer and Lemania: Part Two

Heuer’s relationship with Lemania in the early 1980s was brief, but intense. As the first part of the Heuer/ Lemania story detailed, Heuer was actually owned by a consortium involving Lemania for a few short years before being sold to TAG in 1984/5. This  relationship explains why there were so many Heuer models using the Lemania 5100 movement in the… Read More



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