Heuer Chronosplit

The Chronosplit caused a huge stir when launched in 1975. While most of the watch market still focused on traditional chronographs and watches, the Chronosplit arrived like a UFO with its radical case and twin LCD (or LED) dials- one for the Chronograph and one for the watch.

Initially made in the USA, the Chronosplit was also made as a special edition for Ferrari and Tiffany, which command significant premiums from collectors


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Vintage Heuer Digital Watches- The Ultimate Collector’s Guide

Collectors often reflect on the 1970s as being the most dynamic decade in Heuer’s history, a case that’s easy to mount when you look at the combination of the ground-breaking Chronomatic movement and a roll-call of famous names-  Monaco, Carrera, Autavia, Silverstone and Montreal, to name but a few. The other reason that the 1970s stands out is that at… Read More

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Vintage Heuer Chronosplit- The Ultimate Collector’s Guide

It must have been an interesting day in 1975 when the new Heuer catalogue arrived at the retailer. Take a look at the 1974 catalogue- all the classics are there with a range of Calibre 12/ 14 and 15 movements: Monaco, Autavia, Carrera, Calculator, Silverstone and Montreal. Most of us would be happy to just collect the watches that appear… Read More



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