Kentucky Blue

While many Heuer chronographs were named after Formula 1 tracks, the Kentucky instead targeted the “Horsey Set” and is named after the US City home to the famous Kentucky Derby horse race.

The Kentucky was the first Heuer model to use the Valjoux 7750 movement, today known as the TAG Heuer Calibre 16.


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Vintage Heuer Kentucky- The Ultimate Collector’s Guide

While most of Heuer’s classic 1960s and 70s chronographs were born with a strong motor racing identity, there were some exceptions, such as the Heuer Kentucky. The Kentucky was one of several models named after North American cities and icons (Daytona, Camaro, Memphis, Manhattan, Pasadena, Montreal) as Heuer focused on increasing volume in its largest market. The Kentucky also marked the… Read More

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Vintage Heuer Digital Watches- The Ultimate Collector’s Guide

Collectors often reflect on the 1970s as being the most dynamic decade in Heuer’s history, a case that’s easy to mount when you look at the combination of the ground-breaking Chronomatic movement and a roll-call of famous names-  Monaco, Carrera, Autavia, Silverstone and Montreal, to name but a few. The other reason that the 1970s stands out is that at… Read More



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