Monaco (Heuer)


The Monaco was designed to shock. Jack Heuer was seeking a bold design to highlight Heuer’s new Chronomatic automatic movement and he took advantage of a new waterproof square-case design from Piquarez.

A 1133B Blue-dial Monaco was worn by Steve McQueen in the 1971 movie Le Mans, forever linking the watch and the screen icon.

Despite these credentials, the Monaco was not a sales success and was replaced after only a few years by the Heuer Silverstone. In many ways, this “failure” has added to the modern-day legend of the Monaco, perhaps Heuer’s most iconic watch.


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Vintage Heuer Monaco- The Ultimate Collector’s Guide

The Heuer Monaco is one of the world’s most iconic watch designs. Not only does it immediately stand out from the pack of monochrome circular watches with its sharp-edged square case and bright-blue dial, but the Monaco was also a highly innovative watch when it was launched back in 1969, featuring both the world’s first automatic chronograph movement and the… Read More

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History of Heuer V: 1969 in Focus

By now you may have read that TAG Heuer has called its newest in-house chronograph movement the Calibre 1969. We’ve told you that 1969 was a pivotal year in the history of TAG Heuer, but who better than Mark Moss to bring you in detail a look back at the year that everything changed- 1969. Yes. We have covered the… Read More

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Heuer Monaco- Design Classic: Your Chance to Win A Copy

Once the vintage watch-collecting bug bites, it can bite hard. One minute you’re perfectly happy using your mobile phone to tell the time, and the next you’re scouring the internet and your great-uncles’ spare room to check if he bought a watch 30 years ago, but forgot to take it out of the box and actually wear it. Richard Crosthwaite… Read More

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Bonhams Haslinger Collection: The $40,000 Question

Exciting news: last night the vintage Heuer fairy flew to the Cayman Islands and deposited USD 40,000 into the secret Calibre 11 bank account. The condition? That it all gets spent by Christmas on at least five vintage Heuer watches. Fortunately, the Bonhams auction of Arno Haslinger’s vintage Heuer collection is fast approaching- December 15 in London. I’ve previewed the… Read More

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Heuer Monaco 1133B McQueen Buying Guide

There’s a lot of interest in vintage Heuer at the moment, with collectors in particular focusing on the Carrera, Autavia and Monaco. And when it comes to the Monaco there is one model that sits head and shoulders above the others when it comes to collectability, and that’s Steve’s Monaco. Steve, of course, is Steve McQueen, who wore a 1133B… Read More

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TAG Heuer Vs. Heuer Monaco: Old vs New

A comparison that I’ve meant to post for a while now is the comparison between the original Heuer Monaco and the modern TAG Heuer Monaco. While the Monaco was re-introduced by TAG Heuer in 1997, the first re-editions were black-only and it wasn’t until 2003 that collectors could once again buy an iconic blue Monaco, the colour made famous by… Read More

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Up Close- Heuer Monaco 1533G Calibre 15

One of the first watches that got me hooked on the vintage Heuer line-up was the 1533G Monaco- “G” for Grey, even though the dial has always looked silver to me. I remember considering buying one of these in 2006. I still have the photos of that watch, and it is perfect. That set had a flawless Monaco 1533G (albeit… Read More

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Alternative version of the Chronomatic Dial Heuer?

Without doubt the most fabled of the Heuer Monaco, Autavia and Carrera lines are those rare watches that carry the “Chronomatic” marking on the dial- a combination of the words “Chronograph” and “Automatic”. The very first Calibre 11 models released in 1969 have the Chronomatic marking on the dial, but these were only produced for a short time until Heuer… Read More

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Welcome to Calibre 11: News & Reviews of TAG Heuer Watches

Hello and welcome to the Calibre 11, a new website that will bring you the stories behind your Heuer and TAG Heuer watches and chronographs, as well as the latest news and reviews. Each week we will tell a different story about TAG Heuer’s past, present and future. We’ll take you behind the scenes of the brand and feature interviews… Read More



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