Heuer Montreal

The Montreal is the big, bold member of the Heuer 1970s family, with its oversized star-bust steel case. While there were two Montreal series, it is the Calibre 12 models that are the most iconic. These were available with a range of bright dial colours.

There is also a PVD Black-case Monteral, which is one of the earliest examples of “blacked out” styling of watches that continues to be popular today.


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Vintage Heuer Montreal- The Ultimate Collector’s Guide

It’s no surprise that the vintage Heuer models best-known today are the ones that have been re-issued in the last 15 years by TAG Heuer. Yes, names like Carrera, Autavia, Monaco and Silverstone were high-profile models to begin with when they were released in the 1960s/ 70s, but making modern re-editions helps bring these classic designs into the modern consciousness… Read More

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Bonhams Haslinger Collection: The $40,000 Question

Exciting news: last night the vintage Heuer fairy flew to the Cayman Islands and deposited USD 40,000 into the secret Calibre 11 bank account. The condition? That it all gets spent by Christmas on at least five vintage Heuer watches. Fortunately, the Bonhams auction of Arno Haslinger’s vintage Heuer collection is fast approaching- December 15 in London. I’ve previewed the… Read More

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Vintage Heuer Watches- Under the Radar

Every year it seems that a different Vintage Heuer model enjoys its moment in the sun- collectors suddenly realise that there are some under-appreciated models out there (with under-appreciated prices to match), a few examples are bought and photos posted…and all of a sudden the Heuer collecting world has a new favourite. Of course, there are always the “blue-chip” models-… Read More



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