Monza (Heuer)

Heuer Monza

The Heuer Monza was launched in 1976 as a special edition to celebrate Niki Lauda’s 1975 World Championship win for Ferrari. The Monza used the same case design as the Carrera, but with a “blacked out” PVD case and dial. The name of the watch was originally intended to be “Modena” and you do see these watches on the market occasionally- they’re not fakes!

The TAG Heuer Monza of the 2000s is a different watch entirely, sharing only a name with Lauda’s special edition.


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Vintage Heuer Monza- The Ultimate Collector’s Guide

Tracing the lineage of the Monza can be a confusing prospect for new Heuer and TAG Heuer collectors. Most recently, there was the 2011 Heuer Monza Calibre 36, a watch which revived the Heuer/ TAG Heuer Monza that was discontinued in 2006. That model was a “re-edition” of a Heuer design from the 1930s..but that watch was never called Monza…. Read More



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