Silverstone (Heuer)

110.313b 3

The Heuer Silverstone was introduced in 1975 as a replacement for the Heuer Monaco, softening out the hard-edges of the square Monaco case into a softer design. The Silverstone features the distinctive “TV-shape” case and was available in three dial colours (Blue, Red and Fume) all powered by the Calibre 12 movement.

There was also a Lemania-5100 Silverstone sold in the early 1980s which shared its design and case with several other brands, including Lemania itself and Sinn.


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Vintage Heuer Silverstone- The Ultimate Collector’s Guide

When it comes to classic 1970s design, few watches are better examples of that periods’ look than the Heuer Silverstone. Launched in 1974, the Silverstone was available with a choice of three dial colours- Red, “Fume” and Blue. The Silverstone was launched as the replacement for the Heuer Monaco, which today may be an icon of the TAG Heuer range,… Read More

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Comparing the Modern TAG Heuer Silverstone (Ref. CAM 2110) and the Vintage Heuer Silverstone (Ref. 110.313B)

Baselworld was the first chance that I had to put together the new TAG Heuer Silverstone re-edition and a vintage Heuer Silverstone to compare the similarities. Obviously, the two are very similar, with the only differences being: New Silverstone (above right) slightly larger diameter than vintage (left), as well as having a thicker case The vintage blue Silverstone has a… Read More

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Heuer and Lemania: Part Two

Heuer’s relationship with Lemania in the early 1980s was brief, but intense. As the first part of the Heuer/ Lemania story detailed, Heuer was actually owned by a consortium involving Lemania for a few short years before being sold to TAG in 1984/5. This  relationship explains why there were so many Heuer models using the Lemania 5100 movement in the… Read More

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Up Close- Vintage Heuer Silverstone- Blue and Fume Dials

Following the post last week about the upcoming Heuer Silverstone re-edition, I’ve had several e-mails asking what the new model will look like. The simplest answer is it will look very, very similar to  the Vintage Silverstone models. And this is no bad thing, because the Heuer Silverstone is one of the most distinctive Heuer models- there’s not much else… Read More

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Vintage Heuer Watches- Under the Radar

Every year it seems that a different Vintage Heuer model enjoys its moment in the sun- collectors suddenly realise that there are some under-appreciated models out there (with under-appreciated prices to match), a few examples are bought and photos posted…and all of a sudden the Heuer collecting world has a new favourite. Of course, there are always the “blue-chip” models-… Read More

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In Focus- Heuer Silverstone Lemania 5100

The Calibre 12 Heuer Silverstone (Ref. 110.313 and available in Blue, Red and Fume) is one of the most famous and distinctive Heuer models from the 1970’s. Introduced in 1974, the watch was part of the Heuer range until 1977 when it was dropped. Heuer never played around with too many variations of the Silverstone- three dial colours in the… Read More

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Up close with the Heuer Silverstone

Thought that I would share this high-res close-up of my blue Silverstone dial that was taken by Abel, who is currently doing some work on the watch. There are two things that stand out for me- the first is that the blue has a fantastic metallic hue to it and the second is that the dial is round! Not sure… Read More



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