The Heuer Skipper began as the yachting version of the Heuer Carrera, with later models being based on the Autavia.

The Skipper features a series of 5-minute countdown designed for sailors.


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Up Close- Heuer Skipper Calibre 15 Reference 15640

A new arrival this week in the form of a Calibre 15 Heuer Skipper. The Skipper is based on the Heuer Autavia and is designed for sailing, with its 15-minute timer at 3 o’clock split into three segments. While the first Skipper models were based on the Carrera, the models of the 1970s were all based on the larger Autavia…. Read More

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TAG Heuer Sailing Watches

Many of the posts on Calibre 11 focus on the deep relationship that Heuer/ TAG Heuer has with motor racing- and in particular with Formula 1. You only have to look through a Heuer catalogue from the 1970s to see model after model named after famous racing tracks scattered around exotic parts of the world. But despite this motor racing… Read More



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