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TAG Heuer was created in 1986 when the Techniques d’Avant Garde (TAG) acquired Heuer SA and changed the brand’s name to TAG Heuer. The new ownership set about revitalising the Heuer range, adding major new models, such as the Formula 1 and the S/el sports series.

TAG Heuer was briefly listed on the stock exchange, before being acquired by LVMH in 1999, where the brand joins Hublot, Zenith and Bulgari as the group’s key watchmaking brands. Techniques d’Avant Garde no longer has any involvement in the company, despite its name remaining.


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First Look: 2018 Carrera Heuer-02 43mm

TAG Heuer continues to unveil elements of its 2018 collection with the launch of the Carrera Heuer-02. We’ve expected to see TAG Heuer’s flagship chronograph movement expand beyond the Autavia and tourbillon models, and given the focus on this year being the 55th anniversary of the Carrera, it shouldn’t surprise to the in-house Calibre appear in TAG Heuer’s key model…. Read More

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New for 2018- TAG Heuer Link Chronograph

The highlight of TAG Heuer’s first batch of 2018 releases is the new Link Calibre 17 Chronograph. It felt inevitable when we saw the men’s Link relaunched last year with a 3-hand watch (Calibre 5) model that we would eventually see a Chronograph follow, but the execution of the watch is even better than we’d thought at the time. Historically,… Read More

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First Look- 2018 TAG Heuer Connected Modular 41 Smartwatch

Building on the success of the Connected Smartwatch range, TAG Heuer has added a 41mm model as its first launch of 2018. The Connected Modular 41 uses the same case design and materials as the larger Connected 45 and of course the same modular system for swapping components. But there are some differences inside, with the Connected 41 gaining an… Read More

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In Depth Review- Heuer Autavia Jack Heuer 85th Birthday Edition

We’ve known for a while now that TAG Heuer was planning a second version of its re-born Autavia, and while photos of that watch have circulated widely since Baselworld back in March, the covers are now officially off the Jack Heuer Autavia 85th Birthday Edition. Earlier this year we had the chance to test the JH85 Autavia and so can share… Read More

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Up Close: TAG Heuer Carrera Heuer-01 AIR-K5 Nishikori Edition CAR201N

We’ve said it before, but it’s worth repeating: whether its sneakers, watches or other fashion items, the coolest limited editions are reserved for the Japanese market. Want proof? It was only a few weeks ago that we showed you the 2017 “Green McQueen” Monaco, an outrageous take on the classic blue, red and white colour combination. And now we have… Read More

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First Look- 2017 Heuer Carrera Ronnie Peterson Edition CBH2210

Today we can bring you news of a very special new Carrera with genuine Formula 1 heritage. Every Carrera re-edition since the first in 1996 has been based on the case design of the original 1963 Carrera, but now we have a new 2017 model that is a re-edition of the second generation Carrera that debuted in 1969- the Ronnie… Read More

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Up Close with the Heuer Monaco Calibre 11 Special Editions

Things have been awfully quiet of late for fans of the Monaco. We’ve seen the wonderful Monaco Twenty-Four and the black-dial Calibre 12 models all discontinued, leaving only the blue Calibre 11 and Calibre 12 models to keep the fire burning for TAG Heuer’s most iconic watch. And while the 50th Anniversary of the original 1133B Monaco looms large in… Read More

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Five of the Best: Our Pick of the TAG Heuer Carrera Heuer-01 Range

“We’ll make a Carrera with a new design so that you know it has the in-house movement- we must not confuse the in-house watch with other models in the Carrera family“. This is what TAG Heuer CEO Jean-Claude Biver told us two months before the Carrera Heuer-01 was launched. At the time of that interview, we weren’t sure exactly how… Read More

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New Arrival- TAG Heuer Formula 1 Calibre 6 Automatic

We have a new mechanical Formula 1 for 2017, with a trio of new Calibre 6 models. The new Formula Calibre 6 is a subtle update to the model first introduced in 2014, with an updated dial, bezel and a larger case marking out the new comer. And in keeping with TAG Heuer’s commitment to aggressive pricing, the newest Formula… Read More

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In Depth Review- 2017 Aquaracer GMT Red/ Blue Bezel WAY201F

TAG Heuer has launched a new “Pepsi-bezel” GMT model as part of the refreshed 2017 Aquaracer 300m range. And while this is not the first Aquaracer watch with the GMT complication, it is the first time that we’ve seen this model use the blue and red bezel that harks back to the Autavia GMT of the 1960s, which used the same… Read More



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