2000 Series (TAG Heuer)

Tag Heuer 20001

The TAG Heuer 2000 carried over its design from the Heuer days and proved to be the mainstay of the collection. Following the new naming policy of LVMH, who decided to move away from the numbered series nomenclature, the new 2004 models were renamed as the 2000 Aquaracer, before the series became the “Aquaracer” from 2005 onwards.


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Gerhard Berger and TAG Heuer

Gerhard Berger is one of the more engaging Formula 1 personalities of the last 30 years. A very fast and capable driver in his own right, Berger always seemed to have the right balance between being 100% focused while in the car and being 100% focused on enjoying life when he was out of the car. After his driving career finished, he… Read More

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Hands on Review- TAG Heuer Aquagraph (Ref. CN211A)

One of the highlights of the TAG Heuer’s range over the last 30 years has been the triumvirate of “hard-core’ diving watches: The Heuer/ TAG Heuer 1000m (Spirotechnique), the Heuer/ TAG Heuer Super Professional and the watch that is the subject of this week’s review: the TAG Heuer Aquagraph. Based on the TAG Heuer 2000, the Aquagraph is a true… Read More

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Heuer/ TAG Heuer 2000- The Ultimate Collector’s Guide

While the mainstays of the TAG Heuer collection today are the Monaco, Autavia and Carrera, things were very different 20 years ago when the re-editions were merely a novelty, rather than mainstream models. The 1000 and 2000 Series were the models that came to symbolise TAG Heuer, but while the 1000 was the first TAG Heuer diving watch, it was… Read More



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