The Aquagraph follows on from the Heuer 1000m and Super Professional as a real “tool watch” in the TAG Heuer diving range. The Calibre 60 movement (with its central chronograph hand) quickly won favour with collectors, as did the watch’s “hard-core” diving features, for example being engineered so that the chronograph pushers can be operated under water.

The Aquagraph was based on the TAG Heuer 2000 series and was initially marketed as the “2000 Aquagraph”.


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Hands on Review- TAG Heuer Aquagraph (Ref. CN211A)

One of the highlights of the TAG Heuer’s range over the last 30 years has been the triumvirate of “hard-core’ diving watches: The Heuer/ TAG Heuer 1000m (Spirotechnique), the Heuer/ TAG Heuer Super Professional and the watch that is the subject of this week’s review: the TAG Heuer Aquagraph. Based on the TAG Heuer 2000, the Aquagraph is a true… Read More



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