What’s that? You’ve never heard of the TAG Heuer Edge? The Edge was designed as a low-cost entry model to be sold alongside the Formula 1, but the range was scrapped after LVMH acquired TAG Heuer and decided to reposition the brand up-market. Despite this, several Edge prototype cases made it onto the secondary market, meaning we now know how this model would have looked.

There were both 3-hand watch and Chronograph models planned along with several dial colours.


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From the Vault- the Inside Story of the TAG Heuer Edge

One of the favourite stories that we’ve told over the years is the tale behind the TAG Heuer Edge, a new entry-level series planned for launch in the early 2000s, but ultimately cancelled at the last minute. We showed you what the production watch would have looked like, and spoke with then- CEO St├ęphane Linder (who was Head of Product… Read More

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TAG Heuer Edge Chronograph Prototype

One of my favourite stories on Calibre 11 was the article from 2011 that finally revealed the truth behind a TAG Heuer that never was: The TAG Heuer Edge. The Edge was developed in the late 1990s as a new, entry-level model. Despite several thousand cases having been made, the acquisition of TAG Heuer by LVMH spelt the end for… Read More

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Up Close- TAG Heuer Edge

In the late 1990s TAG Heuer began to develop a radically new model range that was to complement the Formula 1 series at the lower-end of the market. That watch was called the Edge. But despite a small production run, the Edge never made it to market and was cancelled by management in 1999. Some of the unused cases found… Read More



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