The S/el series was renamed as the Link series in 1999 in a nod to the series’ distinctive link bracelet. The Link has been offered with a broad range of mechanical movements (Calibre 6, Calibre 7, Calibre 17 and Calibre 36) as well as several quartz models, including the innovative Calibre S.

The Link bracelet is now referred to as the “Legend” bracelet and is offered on other TAG Heuer models, including the Ayrton Senna edition Formula 1.


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In Depth Review- TAG Heuer Link Calibre 17

When we wrote our review of the Link last year we noted that for a few years it seemed as though the Link collection was coming to an end. After the refreshed range was launched in 2011, there were precious few further additions over the next five years and it seemed as though the expansion of the Carrera range would… Read More

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New for 2018- TAG Heuer Link Chronograph

The highlight of TAG Heuer’s first batch of 2018 releases is the new Link Calibre 17 Chronograph. It felt inevitable when we saw the men’s Link relaunched last year with a 3-hand watch (Calibre 5) model that we would eventually see a Chronograph follow, but the execution of the watch is even better than we’d thought at the time. Historically,… Read More

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Ultimate Guide to the TAG Heuer Link

The Link is one of the most important TAG Heuer series, having been a critical part of the TAG Heuer collection since 1987 when it was launched as the S/el. When the watch was revamped in 1999, it was decided to change the name of the S/el, with the new name “Link” chosen to reflect the watch’s defining characteristic- the distinctive “double… Read More

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Introducing the 2017 TAG Heuer Link Automatic Watch

While the Autavia will steal the 2017 Basel headlines for TAG Heuer, we believe the most important launch of the year for TAG Heuer is actually this watch: the new TAG Heuer Link. For the last few years, the Link has been the forgotten series, and gone without a facelift or any major new models since 2011. As the focus… Read More

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Updated for 2017- TAG Heuer Link Lady Quartz

Following the limited geographic release of the new Link Lady last year,  TAG Heuer has now rolled out the newest Link model as part of the global range, which we can only assume points to the success of the design to date. As we told you when we reviewed the new range, we are big fans of the new Link… Read More

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In Depth Review- 2016 TAG Heuer Link Lady

TAG Heuer has just unveiled a total redesign of the Link women’s range which introduces a new case design for the Link series. Tracing its origins back to 1987- when the watch was known as the S/el- the new 2016 Link Lady will be released only as a 3-hand quartz watch and only in one size. That’s partly because TAG… Read More

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Hands on Review- 2014 TAG Heuer Link Calibre 7 GMT

The Link may be one of the lower-profile TAG Heuer model series, but there have been a couple of interesting models over the last 12 months, such as the Calibre 18 Chronograph from last year and this watch- the 2014 TAG Heuer Link Calibre 7 GMT. Second time-zone models have been part of the Link range for the last decade… Read More

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2014 TAG Heuer New Models- Baselworld Wrap

Given the pace of Baselworld, the sheer number of people, the many litres of bad coffee and the row upon row of shiny new watches, it can take a few days after the show for a balanced perspective to set in. In the heat of the show, it seems every model is either labelled “brilliant” or “terrible”, when of course… Read More

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Hands on Review- TAG Heuer Link Calibre 18 Chronograph

Let’s get one observation out of the way early: the sub-dials on the new TAG Heuer Link Calibre 18 can appear a little too close together. Not by much, but when you’re working with a watch that has a diameter of only 40mm, these small details do make a difference. We mention this up front, because putting this design question… Read More

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TAG Heuer Link Calibre 18- First Look

It’s been a while since we’ve seen a new Link model, but here is a new addition to the range- the TAG Heuer Link Calibre 18. The new model is a slim-line two-register automatic chronograph and is the first model to use TAG Heuer’s Calibre 18 movement. What is the Calibre 18? We’ll get to that shortly… The new watch… Read More



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