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TAG Heuer reintroduced the Monaco in 1997 as part of its re-edition collection. The CS2110 was a huge success and inspired TAG Heuer to make the Monaco part of the mainstream TAG Heuer range, rather than just as a Heuer retro novelty. The Monaco range expanded over the years to include a smaller, more modern case design, as well as inspiring bold new watches such as the Monaco V4.

Going forward the Monaco collection will be reduced to a single model, the McQueen inspired blue-dial with the white registers and the famous Calibre 11 movement.


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TAG Heuer Only Watch Monaco Heuer 02 Carbon- First Look (Ref. CBL2191)

The Only Watch charity auction provides a great opportunity for watch companies to not only support a highly-worth charity, but also to flex their creative watchmaking skills in creating unique one-off watches for the auction. 2021 is the ninth edition of Only Watch, and the fourth in which TAG Heuer has participated. Befitting the bespoke nature of Only Watch watches,… Read More

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TAG Heuer Monaco Black Dial Heuer 02- In Depth Review (Ref. CBL2113)

Over the last 12 months, the permanent TAG Heuer men’s Monaco collection has consisted of two watches, both with a blue dial- the light blue Calibre 11 CAW211P and the dark blue Heuer 02 Monaco, reference CBL2111. Highly satisfying if you’re into blue dials, but less attractive for those looking for a replacement for the black dial Monaco Calibre 12… Read More

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TAG Heuer Monaco Heuer 02 Blue Dial- In Depth Review (Ref. CBL2111)

It’s not every day that TAG Heuer updates the Monaco. Yes, each year brings different variants and limited editions, but in the 23 years since the Monaco was brought back into the fold, there have only been three generations of the classic Monaco, the most recent of which was launched in 2019. Timed to coincide with the Monaco’s 50th Anniversary,… Read More

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TAG Heuer Monaco 18k Gold Chronometer- In Depth Review (Ref. CW5140)

Everyone knows that sports watches are supposed to be made from steel. It’s not just a question of aesthetics, but also practicality- stainless steel is harder than most precious metals (including 18K Gold), meaning that your steel sports watch is less likely to be nicked and damaged than its gold equivalent. And yet, there is something special about the TAG… Read More

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TAG Heuer x The Hour Glass Monaco PVD Calibre 11- Up Close (Ref. CAW211U)

While the 50th Anniversary of the Monaco saw five special edition Monaco Calibre 11 Chronographs released, there was a sixth limited edition Calibre 11 Monaco that grabbed the attention of collectors- a special edition of 50 watches to commemorate the 40th Anniversary of The Hour Glass, the Singapore-based watch retailer. The Hour Glass Monaco is yet another “almost” attempt to… Read More



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