Monza (TAG Heuer)


The TAG Heuer Monza was launched in 2000, combining two historic Heuer models- the 1930s mono-pusher Chronograph and the Heuer Monza of the 1970s. Initially branded as the “Heuer Monza”, later models wore TAG Heuer badges as the range expanded from the Calibre 17 Chronographs to the Calibre 6 watch.

The model was brought back in 2011 as a limited edition (Calibre 36), and again in 2016.


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TAG Heuer Monza Calibre 17- Hands On Review (Ref. CR2080)

The 2016 Heuer Monza 40th Anniversary edition is one of the most anticipated TAG Heuer releases for some time, and for those of you waiting to see and read more about the latest from TAG Heuer’s re-edition range, you’re in luck, because we’ve gone hands-on with the Monza for one of the first detailed  reviews. The 2016 model is an perfect… Read More

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First Look- Heuer Monza Calibre 17 40th Anniversary

TAG Heuer has this morning announced the new 2016 Heuer Monza Calibre 17 Chronograph to mark the 40th anniversary of the first Monza series back in 1976. The 2016 Monza traces its lineage back to three historic watches- the mono-pusher Heuer Chronograph of the 1930s (not called Monza), the Carrera-based Monza of 1976 and the 2000 TAG Heuer Monza, which… Read More

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A look at the TAG Heuer Calibre 17 Movement

A few weeks ago we brought you the first in a new series of in-depth articles about the key mechanical movements found in TAG Heuer watches. Today, we look at a mechanical chronograph movement used broadly across the modern range- the Calibre 17. The Calibre 17 is an ETA 2894-2, and is closely related to other TAG Heuer movements, including… Read More

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Precious Metals: Part II- 1985-Today

We wants it… we neeeeeds it… the precioussss. Sorry, small Gollum moment there. Where were we? Ah yes. We’d seen how silver was an important case material around the turn of the 20th century, before fairly quickly losing out to modern steels. We’d seen gold make an appearance before becoming relatively uncommon in favour of gold-filled (where a layer of… Read More

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2011 TAG Heuer Monza Calibre 36- In Depth Review (Ref. CR5112)

TAG Heuer has brought back the Monza for 2011, with this limited edition Calibre 36 Chronograph shown today at Baselworld 2011. While the case design is almost identical to the original 2000 re-edition, the dial design introduces a new heritage concept. Most TAG re-edition watches to date have drawn their inspiration from the 1960s and 1970s, but the new Monza… Read More

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TAG Heuer Monza- The Ultimate Collector’s Guide

The Monza is a watch that has had three lives: it formed part of the TAG Heuer re-edition range in the early 2000s and was on sale for 5 years before being phased out. The Monza then returned in 2011 as a Limited Edition model- a different dial to the earlier model, but an identical case for a single year…. Read More



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