Silverstone (TAG Heuer)

Tag Heuer Silverstone Blue

The TAG Heuer Silverstone was launched a a limited edition in 2010 to mark the 150th anniversary of TAG Heuer. There were two models available- blue and metallic brown. Yes, the 1970s were back.

The Silverstone re-edition was true to the 1975 original and featured a near-identical design and the modern Calibre 11 movement with a clear case back.


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TAG Heuer Silverstone- Red Dial Jack Heuer Unique Piece (Ref. CAM2112)

As we posted back in April, The Haslinger collection of vintage Heuer watches will be auctioned by Bonhams in London in December. As part of this auction, TAG Heuer have created a very special version of the Silverstone re-edition- a one-off Red Silverstone that carries Jack Heuer’s signature on the dial. While the studio photos have been out for a… Read More

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Comparing the Modern TAG Heuer Silverstone (Ref. CAM 2110) and the Vintage Heuer Silverstone (Ref. 110.313B)

Baselworld was the first chance that I had to put together the new TAG Heuer Silverstone re-edition and a vintage Heuer Silverstone to compare the similarities. Obviously, the two are very similar, with the only differences being: New Silverstone (above right) slightly larger diameter than vintage (left), as well as having a thicker case The vintage blue Silverstone has a… Read More

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First Look- TAG Heuer Silverstone Re-edition

TAG Heuer celebrated the launch of the new Silverstone re-edition by holding a launch event last night at the McLaren Technical Centre outside of London. The event also marked the 25th anniversary of the relationship between McLaren and TAG Heuer, which was a good excuse to get Lewis Hamilton into Alain Prost’s 1986 McLaren-TAG F1 car. The relationship has been… Read More



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