TAG Heuer Monaco 24

The Monaco 24 Concept that was shown at Baselworld last year is being prepared for an Q4 2010 launch. The watch has a titanium PVD case and the Calibre 36 (El Primero) movement.

A quick re-fresh- The Monaco 24 uses the same case as the Monaco LS, with the curved crystal wrapping around the side of the case. The Monaco 24 has bespoke pushers and crown, and swaps the LS-layout for more traditional sub-dials.

The dial has the famous “Gulf” colours also used on the Limited Edition Gulf Monaco released last year.

The real magic to this watch is firstly the black PVD titanium (reminescent of the famous Heuer Monaco PVD) and secondly the “floating” round dial that sits suspended in the case.

TAG Heuer will release the Monaco 24 in the fourth quarter of 2010 alongside the new Grey Heuer Monaco….and a third “heritage” watch.

This third watch is a surprise…and is interesting for a couple of reasons. Firstly, the watch will use the “Heuer” logo, despite not being a re-edition of an older Heuer model. I’m keen to find out whether this is the start of TAG Heuer using the “Heuer” logo for its classic watches and TAG Heuer for the newer range.

This new unnamed watch is a variant of an existing TAG Heuer model and looks fantastic- probably my favourite of the watches that we’ve seen in Basel.

No word on the price of the Monaco 24, but it will probably be priced around the USD9-10,000 level, in line with the Grand Carrera titanium that also features the Calibre 36 movement.

The watch looks great, but for me I’d rather have a version without stripes, which I think is design idea that has been fully explored by now.

What do you think about the new TAG Heuer Monaco 24?  Discuss this watch and all the new TAG Heuer releases from Baselworld 2010 at the WatchUseek TAG Heuer forum

Update: 15 August 2010

For the updated information on the Monaco 24, including prices and release date, be sure to check out Calibre 11’s first review of the Monaco 24 here

  • Q4 2010, I don't know if I could wait that long! Since it wasn't mentioned, I'm assuming this will not be a LE watch? Is that the reference number in the 3rd pic? (CAL5110)

    Thanks so much for this report, I've been waiting official word on this since the concept.

  • Bootsy

    I wish they had left off the Gulf stripes. The watch just doesn;t need them and would look so much meaner and less fusasy without them. I don;t like them on any of the Monacos to be honest.

  • DC

    Not sure about whether it will be a limited edition- TAG seem to wait until the last minute before deciding (as they did with the Grand Carrera Cal. 36 Titanium).

    Some love the stripes- I didn't mind them the first time around, but this is the fourth striped Monaco…

    I think this would look great without the stripe in PVD and in stainless steel/ white for something different (like a reverse Monaco- white with blue sub-dials and red markers)

  • I like it but agree the stripes are getting tired for me too. An all black face, with orange sub reg hands and second hand to match, would be a VERY nice modern take on the old PVD Dark Lord. Perhaps i will wait until then…

    Great work DC, many thanks for seeking this one out for us all.

  • RT19

    I get that Tag had to bring the subdials in so the watch could show off the movement suspension, but the legibility and ease of read-off looks poor. Hopefully, it looks better in person.

    As for the Gulf stripes, I rather like 'em.

  • DC

    Maybe it should be like a Mini- racing stripes as an optional extra!

  • I love the stripes. It brings back memories of a golden era of racing. I can see it getting old for non racing fans though…

  • Gav

    I *really* like it! Pretty much identical to the concept shown last year. Looks like they have 'dropped' the Tag Heuer engraving from the bottom of the case and gone for silver rather than the titanium coloured bolts on the case (which I preferred!!!). Must start saving up 😉

  • Jamie V

    So when will the third heritage watch be announced? I would have thought BaselWorld, but nothing so far.

  • DC

    Not until October Jamie- I had a good look at the watch yesterday, but TAG Heuer didn't want any photos taken.

    I'll give more info when I post the interview with Jean Christophe Babin, because he talked about this watch.


  • Hi everyone, Great work as always David! When I ordered the piece at the show, I was told that it would not be a limited edition, but quantites will be tight given the challenging nature of production.

  • DC

    Thanks Rob- any word on what the Retail price of these will be? Is it still an expected arrival date of October?

    Hope you've ordered plenty….


  • My AD told me December for Canada. No prices yet.

  • DC

    Jamie, announcement won't be for a few months, but I'll have some details shortly, as this third model was the subject of much discussion with Jean Christophe Babin.


  • $11000 apparently. I think that means my original PVD will remain my only PVD Monaco for a while to come!

  • DC

    USD11? That is high. What was the list of the 40th anniversary Monaco? Was around mid-USD9s wasn't it?

    But it could be worse. Three years ago USD11 was AUD17. Now its AUD12.

  • rishi


  • jaydeep

    This watch is simply awesome nice features !

  • Daniel

    This is an outstanding watch and one of my favourite, I particularly like the newer blue and white stripe model.

    I've tried this on a number of times but no way I can afford such an awesome watch, I currently own the Grand Carrerra RS 8 and used to own the 2118 Le Mans Monaco, but I'd trade it for this.

    I agree on the stripes that they should go…actually its probably about time Tag Heuer started a customise your watch service for the elite 🙂

  • Daniel

    DC author, are you in Australia? Where abouts? I just moved to Sydney with my wife from London…do you have any a good used watch dealers you could recommend? I am trying to reunite myself with a Le Mans Monaco Cw2118 my wife made me sell a few years ago and have regretted it ever since.

    • DC

      Hi Daniel,

      Yes, I am in Australia…Melbourne. Not as many second hand dealers as there are in the UK..reckon you should use your newly found A$ power to see if you can find one back home!