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First Look- TAG Heuer Connected Modular 41 Smartwatch

Building on the success of the Connected Smartwatch range, TAG Heuer has added a 41mm model as its first launch of the year. The Connected Modular 41 uses the same case design and materials as the larger Connected 45 and of course the same modular system for swapping components. But there are some differences inside, with the Connected 41 gaining… Read More

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TAG Heuer Connected Modular 45- In Depth Review

Following the success of the first Connected Smartwatch, it should be no surprise that TAG Heuer has updated the watch for 2017 with a new series called the Connected Modular 45. While the 45 refers to the case size in millimetres, the important word here is modular. You’d expect to be able to customise the digital face of your smartwatch,… Read More

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In Depth Review- TAG Heuer Connected

Few watches have grabbed as many headlines in recent times as TAG Heuer’s Connected smartwatch. Touted as the first genuine smartwatch to come from one of the Swiss luxury brands, the Connected offers the look and feel of a traditional Carrera, but with insides developed in Silicon, rather than the Jura, Valley. The Connected is the first of what will… Read More



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