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TAG Heuer x The Hour Glass Monaco PVD Calibre 11- Up Close (Ref. CAW211U)

While the 50th Anniversary of the Monaco saw five special edition Monaco Calibre 11 Chronographs released, there was a sixth limited edition Calibre 11 Monaco that grabbed the attention of collectors- a special edition of 50 watches to commemorate the 40th Anniversary of The Hour Glass, the Singapore-based watch retailer. The Hour Glass Monaco is yet another “almost” attempt to… Read More

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Up Close- TAG Heuer Monaco 50th Anniversary Watch 3: 1989-1999 Limited Edition (Ref. CAW211X) Grey Sandblasted Dial

The unveiling of TAG Heuer’s five-watch Monaco 50th Anniversary series continues with the launch of the third watch in the collection tonight in New York ahead of this weekend’s Formula E race through the streets of Brooklyn. As a reminder, the Monaco 50th Anniversary collection is being rolled out by decade, with the latest watch designed to reference key design… Read More

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First Look- TAG Heuer Monaco 50th Anniversary Watch 2: 1979-1989 Limited Edition (Ref. CAW211W)

TAG Heuer has taken the wraps off the second 50th Anniversary TAG Heuer Monaco watch, appropriately unveiling the newcomer this evening at Le Mans, where the Monaco first shot to mainstream prominence back in 1971 on the wrist of Steve McQueen. The second edition, which reflects design themes from the 1979-1989 period, is not one that you’ll miss or confuse… Read More

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Vintage Heuer Monaco- The Ultimate Collector’s Guide

The Heuer Monaco is one of the world’s most iconic watch designs. Not only does it immediately stand out from the pack of monochrome circular watches with its sharp-edged square case and bright-blue dial, but the Monaco was also a highly innovative watch when it was launched back in 1969, featuring both the world’s first automatic chronograph movement and the… Read More

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TAG Heuer Monaco Bamford Carbon- Up Close (Ref. CAW2190)

Following on from the successful launch of the Monaco Gulf Special is the arrival of another new Calibre 11-powered Heuer Monaco for 2018- and this one is something quite special. As regular readers will know, TAG Heuer and its sister LVMH brands signed a deal last year with London-based customiser Bamford Watch Department to offer customers the chance to design… Read More



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