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In Depth Review- TAG Heuer Link Calibre 17

When we wrote our review of the Link last year we noted that for a few years it seemed as though the Link collection was coming to an end. After the refreshed range was launched in 2011, there were precious few further additions over the next five years and it seemed as though the expansion of the Carrera range would… Read More

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New for 2018- TAG Heuer Link Chronograph

The highlight of TAG Heuer’s first batch of 2018 releases is the new Link Calibre 17 Chronograph. It felt inevitable when we saw the men’s Link relaunched last year with a 3-hand watch (Calibre 5) model that we would eventually see a Chronograph follow, but the execution of the watch is even better than we’d thought at the time. Historically,… Read More

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First Look- 2016 Heuer Carrera Calibre 17 Panda Silver & Black

TAG Heuer has added another two colour variations to the Jack Heuer Carrera 80 family with the addition of Silver and Black models for 2016. Like last year’s Blue dial (ref. CV211A), these watches are not only a limited edition, but will only go one sale in two countries, so those looking to add to their collection of heritage-themed Carreras will need… Read More

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Hands On Review- 2016 Heuer Monza Calibre 17

The 2016 Heuer Monza 40th Anniversary edition is one of the most anticipated TAG Heuer releases for some time, and for those of you waiting to see and read more about the latest from TAG Heuer’s re-edition range, you’re in luck, because we’ve gone hands-on with the Monza for one of the first detailed  reviews. The 2016 model is an perfect… Read More

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2016 Heuer Monza Calibre 17 40th Anniversary

TAG Heuer has this morning announced the new 2016 Heuer Monza Calibre 17 Chronograph to mark the 40th anniversary of the first Monza series back in 1976. The 2016 Monza traces its lineage back to three historic watches- the mono-pusher Heuer Chronograph of the 1930s (not called Monza), the Carrera-based Monza of 1976 and the 2000 TAG Heuer Monza, which… Read More

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First Look: 2015 Carrera Calibre 17 Blue Dial

TAG Heuer’s gift for Jack Heuer’s 80th birthday, the Jack Heuer 80 Carrera, has become the gift that keeps on giving. The watch was one of the best received modern TAG Heuer designs, and managed to draw on the history of the Carrera without being a straight-up re-edition of a past model- a heritage watch rather than a retro watch,… Read More

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Hands on Review- TAG Heuer Carrera Calibre 17 Jack Heuer Boutique

TAG Heuer has dropped a surprise to close out the year with two new boutique-only Carreras based on the highly successful Carrera Jack Heuer 80th Birthday edition. Given that the new models pay tribute to the design of Jack’s 80th birthday present from last year, it seems appropriate to call the new pair the Jack Heuer Carrera 81…even if that… Read More

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A look at the TAG Heuer Calibre 17 Movement

A few weeks ago we brought you the first in a new series of in-depth articles about the key mechanical movements found in TAG Heuer watches. Today, we look at a mechanical chronograph movement used broadly across the modern range- the Calibre 17. The Calibre 17 is an ETA 2894-2, and is closely related to other TAG Heuer movements, including… Read More

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Ultimate Guide to the TAG Heuer Carrera

Since its re-introduction in 1996, the TAG Heuer Carrera has gone from a limited edition novelty to being the centre-piece of today’s TAG Heuer range. So, given the importance of the Carrera we have put together the ultimate guide to the TAG Heuer Carrera, stepping you through the key models from the five distinct generations of the re-booted Carrera all… Read More

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Ultimate Guide to the TAG Heuer 6000

It had taken 8 long years, but by 1994 TAG Heuer was back on a sound financial footing. The management team brought in after the acquisition by TAG had increased sales through a series of new watch lines- the Formula 1, S/el, 1500 and 4000 series. Having stabilised the finances, attention now turned to developing a flagship watch. The new series would… Read More



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