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Read all Calibre 11 articles featuring TAG Heuer watches with the Calibre 360 movement, the world’s first 1/100th Chronograph movement developed by TAG Heuer.

The Calibre 360 was used in a number of TAG Heuer concept watches and the Carrera 360 range from 2005.




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TAG Heuer Carrera 360- The Ultimate Collector’s Guide

The range of ultra-high frequency “Mikro” TAG Heuer watches released over the last 12 months can each trace their lineage back to the brand’s first foray into high-precision Chronographs- the TAG Heuer Carrera Calibre 360. The watch is an evolution of the Carrera 360 Concept from 2005 and was TAG Heuer’s first efforts at in-house mechanical watchmaking for more than… Read More

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TAG Heuer Movements: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

It’s hard to remember a time when there has been so much focus on the movement that sits inside a watch- where it comes from, who designed it and who made it. It may sound strange to say that there was little focus on movements until around 2000- after all, they are not only an integral part of the watch,… Read More

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The rarest TAG Heuer? TAG Heuer Vanquish Calibre 360 (Ref. CV5080)

Ever seen a TAG Heuer Vanquish? Most people have not heard of the Vanquish, let alone seen one. The Vanquish is an ultra-rare production version of the Carrera Calibre 360 Concept introduced at Basel in 2005. Today it’s almost taken for granted that TAG Heuer will put into production the concept watches that it shows, but back in 2005 few… Read More

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Carrera Calibre 360- Update

In an earlier post I mentioned that there had been several versions of the Calibre 360 for sale over the last few months. In May a Swiss seller offered the PVD version for a Buy-it-now price of €13,900.From looking at the auction it looks as though the watch sold, although perhaps below this price. The watch itself is probably the… Read More

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TAG Heuer Carrera Calibre 360 & Carrera Day-Date

In 2006 TAG Heuer released four limited edition Carrera 360 models- White Gold, Rose Gold, Stainless steel and black PVD. The watches marked a turning point for TAG in the development of its own in house movements. Although based on an ETA movement, TAG developed a complex chronograph module that achieves 360,000 vibrations per hour, 10 times of the El… Read More



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