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Jean-Claude Biver: A Year in the Driver’s Seat at TAG Heuer

It’s been quite a year at TAG Heuer. Hard to believe that it was almost exactly 12 months ago that the company called a late-year press conference to announce that industry veteran Jean-Claude Biver would lead its new management team into 2015 and beyond. There was talk of Smartwatches. There was talk of a distinctive new design language. There was… Read More

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Analysis: The Future of TAG Heuer’s Calibre CH80

Major news last week, with TAG Heuer announcing that it would focus its manufacturing efforts solely on the Calibre 1887 movement and postpone the launch of the first watch intended to use the new Calibre CH80. For collectors, this was a disappointing development, given both the excitement around the new movement and the positive reaction to the Carrera CH80 that… Read More

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2014 TAG Heuer New Models- Baselworld Wrap

Given the pace of Baselworld, the sheer number of people, the many litres of bad coffee and the row upon row of shiny new watches, it can take a few days after the show for a balanced perspective to set in. In the heat of the show, it seems every model is either labelled “brilliant” or “terrible”, when of course… Read More

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First Look: TAG Heuer Carrera Calibre CH80 (Ref. CBA2110, CBA2111)

TAG Heuer has this morning released a pair of great retro-style Carreras that hark back to the 2447 Carrera of the 1960s- the 2014 TAG Heuer Carrera Calibre CH80. CH80? Yes, that is the new name for TAG Heuer’s Calibre 1969. Given that the 1969 was launched only last November, you might wonder why the name of the Calibre has… Read More

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TAG Heuer 2014 Basel Preview

Less than 10 days out from the 2014 edition of Baselworld, we can share with you a teaser image of TAG Heuer’s 2014 Concept watch- a special edition Monaco V4 to mark the 10th anniversary of the original belt-driven V4 concept. Yes, believe it or not, it’s been 10 years since TAG Heuer unveiled their first true concept watch, an… Read More

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TAG Heuer Carrera Calibre 1969- In Depth Review (Ref. CAR2A50)

Only a couple of days after we showed you the first photos of the new TAG Heuer Carrera Calibre 1969, we can now bring you a more detailed review of the watch. Normally there is a long delay between the time that we first see official photos and when the watch arrives in the stores, but in this case, the… Read More

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Up Close: TAG Heuer Carrera 1969 Titanium & Rose Gold (CAR2A50)

Here is your first look at the new 2014 TAG Heuer models- the much anticipated TAG Heuer Carrera 1969. The new Carrera 1969 is a limited edition of 500 watches that feature a Titanium Carbide case and Rose Gold highlights…and, of course, is┬áthe first watch powered by the new in-house Calibre 1969 movement. The watch is a blend of the… Read More

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Inside the TAG Heuer Calibre CH80 movement

The opening of TAG Heuer’s new manufacturing facility at Chevenez is another important milestone in the company’s history. To show you the pace of progress over the last few years, when the very first Calibre 11 article appeared in July 2009, the only movement made by TAG Heuer was the show-piece Monaco V4. It had been more than 20 years… Read More

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TAG Heuer Calibre 1969 (CH 80)- First Look

Eighteen months after we first brought you the news that TAG Heuer was developing a new in-house chronograph movement, we can share with you the first photos of the new Calibre- introducing the TAG Heuer Calibre 1969, also known as the Calibre CH80. In the coming days we’ll be sharing more with you about the movement and the history behind… Read More



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